Atlas Services Group starts up office in Moscow

Koen Breken will be starting up an office in Moscow, Russia, for Atlas Services Group this Spring. Mr. Breken has been living and working in Moscow since 1993, running his own recruitment and selection business and also working for an international Oil and Gas secondment agency.

ASG Russia

Russia, with its surface area of more than 17 million km², is the largest country in the world. “Russia is an immense land. In the past my work often took me to Sakhalin, which is situated close to Japan. Both Shell and ExxonMobil have large offshore projects in this area. A direct flight from Moscow to Sakhalin lasts nine hours and takes you through seven time-zones, yet you are still in Russia”, says Koen Breken – Manager Moscow.

Oil & gas reserves in Russia

The largest gas reserves, in fact 27% of the world’s reserves, are to be found in that enormous country. In addition, Russia is the world’s largest exporter of gas (26% of worldwide gas export). ”There is still a huge amount of gas and oil to be found and produced in Russia and Kazakhstan, making it an interesting location for Atlas Services Group to open up a branch office”.

Russian oil & gas professionals

“In Russia I will be focusing on recruitment, selection and secondment of Russian as well as international Oil and Gas professionals. The Russian economy is extremely dependent on the oil and gas export and fares well when the price of oil is high. There are also some interesting gas extraction projects coming up, such as Stokhman, Yamal and Arctica. Furthermore, Russia has hardly done any offshore oil and gas exploration as yet. Considering these possibilities, I think we can look forward to a healthy future in Russia”, emphasizes Koen Breken