Management & Quality Control

Atlas Professionals continues to be a bridge between Management & QC Professionals and our Clients to ensure their career growths can be secured.

Specialist Recruitment in Management & QC Industry

We know the challenges of our industry and how it requires services of Professionals with an impressive sense of duty and attention to detail. That is why we specialise in the provision of key consultancy and supervisory services related to the exploration and production industries. To this end, Atlas Professionals takes great care to ensure we are working with the best Professionals the industry has to offer. 

Over the years, Atlas Professionals have built an excellent reputation for quality, responsiveness, and reliability. We have a strong health and safety, security, and environmental focus that prioritises the well-being of our Professionals – and thus our Clients. We work closely with Professionals that have the competitive knowledge, experience, and skill that allows them to excel at what they do. Our Professionals know the importance of overseeing that their Client’s projects are conducted safely, effectively, and to the highest possible standard, in conjunction with the team’s health and safety focus. We are also committed to securing necessary qualifications, as our Offshore Management & Quality Control team is ISO 9001:2008 certified, MLC accredited, and prequalified with Achilles.

Career in Management & Quality Control

Thanks to over 40 years of experience under our belt, Atlas Professionals operates as one of the leading international recruitment companies when it comes to securing the right Professional for the right Management & Quality Control position. With dedicated Management & QC teams located in busy business hubs like Singapore, the United Kingdom, Houston, and Boston of the US, Atlas Professionals strives to meet and exceed the business needs of our Professionals and Clients in a reliable and fast manner.

As a recruitment company with offices in a diverse range of countries across the globe and established business relations in even more, Atlas Professionals is able to tap into an international and diverse talent pool and can fill mission-critical roles on a temporary, contract, or permanent basis. Atlas Professionals also emphasizes the personal and professional growth of all Professionals and prioritizes their career development and regulatory affairs by conducting periodic reviews of their situation. With this much dedication and experience, Atlas Professionals continues to be the best recruitment company to advance your career in Management & Quality Control.

Specialist Disciplines within Management & Quality Control industry

Atlas Professionals have a proven track record of introducing below focus disciplines with the correct career path in a reliable manner:

Survey Representatives

Geophysical and Geotechnical Client Representatives

Seismic QC Representatives

Diving and ROV Inspection Representatives

Construction Vessel Representatives

Marine Representatives and Managers

Project Managers and Project Surveyors

Cable Route Engineers

Environmental Specialists & HSE Representatives

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