Permanent Hire & Executive Search

For those who are looking for a more permanent member for their operations, we offer Permanent Hire services for white and blue-collar Professionals and aid your search for senior decision makers for your organisation.

Reliable Permanent Hire Services

Our industry is perfect for those who are eager to take on international and fast paced challenges, allowing Professionals to gain vast amounts of experience and knowledge. Yet it is also common for sizable organisations to fill a position by hiring a Professional directly instead of securing contract-based talent. That is why Atlas Professionals also offers Permanent Hire & Executive Search services for our Clients so they can secure a talent for a longer duration.

Atlas Professionals realizes that not every employment relationship has to start as Permanent Hire from scratch - some Professionals will exceed expectations, immediately get accustomed to their new positions and will be promising candidates for your operation to recruit on a permanent basis. To this end, Atlas Professionals also facilitates the transition from contract-based employment to permanent placement in a smooth and efficient manner to ensure the work is uninterrupted and your organisation can get the most out of this arrangement. Atlas Professionals also takes great care to ensure your organisation can secure the business solution they need in compliance with national and international legislation and in a timely and reliable manner.

Atlas Professionals goes above & beyond

We approach your needs in a structured and bespoke manner

With offices in 6 continents, we are able to introduce international talent to your organisation

We understand your need for discretion and continue to be a trustworthy partner

Retained & Contingent Executive Search Services

Atlas Professionals offers bespoke Executive Search solutions on a retaining or contingency basis for organisations that are in need of high-level management personnel by adjusting our search protocols based on your exact needs. Having worked with numerous Clients throughout our more than 40 years industry, Atlas Professionals is able to get in touch with individuals that has extensive knowledge regarding our industries and introduce your Board to the best possible candidate. Thanks to our offices in a diverse range of countries across the globe and established business relations in even more, Atlas Professionals is able to tap into a diverse and international pool of management candidates to ensure your organisation is introduced to the right Professional for future success.

With our dedicated to excellency and offering Client-based solutions, Atlas Professionals continues to be an excellent business partner for Clients looking for permanent staffing solutions to their organisational or workforce vacancies.