Safety and competency go hand in hand

The Atlas Professionals’ QHSE systems are an essential part of day-to-day operations and are key to ensuring consistent quality services to our clients. Atlas Professionals aim to prevent accidents and cases of work-related injuries/illnesses by providing competent personnel to minimise risk. In order to maintain a safe working environment, both employees working at the sites of our clients, and our office staff are instructed and required to conduct their duties in a safe and sound manner, in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations. Through our QHSE systems, Atlas Professionals ensure that the workforce are fully trained and competent to carry out all duties as required by its clients, by matching training, experience and competency to the requirements of clients on an individual level.

We have a fully dedicated corporate QHSE Manager, local QHSE Coordinators, including a full-fledged HSEQ team in Australia (General Manager HSEQ, Senior HSEQ Advisor, HSEQ Advisors, HSEQ Administrator and an Injury Management Specialist) and harmonised QHSE procedures and instructions throughout the organisation. Employees are involved in QHSE at all levels from senior management through to the involvement of all employees, both office and field based. All QHSE systems are reviewed annually, with a focus on continual improvement and development in order to meet the requirements of an ever evolving organisation.

Atlas Professionals' main operating companies are certified under the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard and VCU 2011/05 Safety Standard. We have been ISO certified since 1996. During 2013, applicable group companies also obtained attestation to compliance with the consolidated Maritime Labour Convention which came into force during the same year, the scope of which is to improve the living and working conditions for seafarers worldwide.

Zero Harm

Safety is something we do well, and it’s a contributing factor to our business’s overall success. Our Zero Harm goal ensures we’re taking the right steps so that our employees and customers return home in the same condition they arrived – injury free. It also encompasses Zero Harm to the natural environments in which we work and operate.

Our safety culture framework is designed for future prevention and our people align themselves with our core safety beliefs. We believe that by providing our people with the understanding that all injuries are preventable that they will, in turn, be empowered to deliver safety leadership throughout the business. Our large geographic footprint means we work in many different climates and regions each day, some of these may be sensitive and require special additional controls. Our HSEQ team works together with our operational teams to ensure our work is planned well in advance. We take into consideration the working conditions of our Professionals, the worldwide regions we may operate in, and the controls required to eliminate adverse impacts on the natural environment. Zero Harm is embedded within all offices of Atlas Professionals.


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