QHSE Policies and Zero Harm 

Atlas Professionals ranks quality, health, safety & environment as our most important concerns and is committed to acquiring necessary certifications and introducing flagship safety programmes such as Zero Harm.   

Safety Comes First 

Atlas Professionals realizes how the unique challenges and characteristics of Energy, Marine & Renewables industries require us to always be on the lookout for opportunities to improve, refine and update our health and safety measures while also maintaining care for the environment. That is why Atlas Professionals is heavily invested in ensuring local and international standardization measures are satisfied along with our Professionals and Clients having access to a steady stream of information on pertinent HSE related topics.

To be able to provide such level of support, Atlas Professionals maintains a constantly updated Atlas Professionals HSE Handbook that has everything our stakeholders may require during their operations – from exploring how to lift objects safely to acquiring necessary work permits, the Atlas Professionals HSE Handbook continues to be a go-to tool for every one of our Professionals! To accommodate our international pool of Professionals from diverse range of backgrounds, our HSE Handbooks are available in four different languages. Besides, our Professionals receive periodic updates regarding related health and safety procedures before, during and after their onboarding. 

HSE Handbook

All our Professionals are required to read and understand this document before traveling to ensure the safety of themselves, their property, the environment, and those working around them.

Zero Harm: Your Safe Return Home

Atlas Professionals ranks the safety of our Professionals as our number one priority and is dedicated to ensuring our Professionals can achieve what matters to them most – coming back home the very same way they commenced their onboarding, with Zero Harm. The Atlas Professionals Zero Harm programme takes its name from this exact goal and lays the foundation for our Professionals to complete their tasks in a safe and efficient manner by creating a specific code of conduct.  

All our Professionals are introduced to the concept of the 7Cs with them being: 

  • Correct Prioritization 
  • Compliance 
  • Communication
  • Continuous Risk Assessment 
  • Caring for Each Other 
  • Coaching/Mentoring 
  • Competency

Our Zero Harm goal is a safer work environment

Dedication to Compliance 

Atlas Professionals takes great care to ensure that those who trust us with their career get the best possible support they can – and thus is constantly keeping tabs on new requirements and developments within the Marine, Energy & Renewables industries. Atlas Professionals takes great care to ensure we have all the certificates we need to operate in a safe, legal, and responsible way. Certificates also create a foundation for mutual trust between us, our Professionals, and our Clients – and demonstrate our willingness to go above and beyond. Atlas Professionals has invested in, and now possesses, some of the most significant and demanding certificates our industries require:

  • ISO 9001,14001 & 45001 Certificates.
  • VCU 2011/05 Certificates.
  • MLC 2006 Attestations.
  • NEN4400-1 Certificates.
  • NBBU Certificates.
  • Ecovadis Silver Medal.
  • Affiliation Certificates (FPAL Achilles, FLAP Verify, Trace, ISN, and similar programmes).

Our Environmental Commitment

As a global recruitment company operating in Energy, Marine & Renewables industries, we completely understand the importance of sustainability and creating a better future for all. To reflect our desire to secure such results, our Environmental Policies are designed to ensure Atlas Professionals can maintain the adequate level of care for the environment, including the prevention of pollution, and to allow us to continuously improve environmental management while creating environmental awareness and to enhance environmental performance. It is also a set of policies that enables us to utilize global “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle” principles wherever and whenever possible. Thanks to the dedication of our colleagues, Clients and all other partners we are constantly cooperating with, we are able to fulfil our obligations that are related to conserving, strengthening and revitalizing our environment.

The following offices are certified to VCU/SCT 2011/05 Standards

  • Atlas Services Group BV (Headoffice)
  • Atlas Professionals Flex Services BV (Urk, The Netherlands)
  • Atlas Professionals Public Marine Services BV (Urk, The Netherlands)
  • Atlas Services Group Energy BV (Hoofddorp, The Netherlands)

We are certified and qualified

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