Privacy Policy

About this policy 

Atlas Professionals B.V. and its related entities* trading as “Atlas Professionals” (Atlas Professionals) are committed to protecting the privacy of individuals' Personal Data. Atlas Professionals is bound by the various applicable Privacy Acts worldwide and the privacy principles set out in them . As Employer we are the Data controller: We determine the purpose of collecting candidate personal data. This makes us data controllers who are fully responsible for protecting candidate data and using it lawfully. 

Candidates are the data subjects because they can be identified through personal data they give to us. For example, their resumes may include their names, physical addresses or phone numbers. The GDPR exists to protect this kind of data. 

The hiring parties we do business with are also considered data subjects under GDPR, but their data will not be processed in the same extent that candidate data will. 

Personal Data is information or an opinion (whether true or not and whether recorded in material form or not) about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable. 

This privacy policy outlines how Atlas Professionals manages Personal Data, including the type of information, how it is collected and held, the purposes for which it is collected, held, used and disclosed and as well as how individuals can access their information and make enquiries, notifications or complaints about breaches of the legislation or privacy principles. Atlas Professionals deals with Personal Data in accordance with the applicable legislation and this policy. 

Types of Personal Data 

Atlas Professionals collects Personal Data about individuals, e.g., candidates for employment and employees, clients and prospective clients, consultants, subcontractors, suppliers and industry participants. 

This can include information such as name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, age, gender, marital status, banking details, driver’s license and other occupational license details, passport number and/or passport copies, tax file number, information about financial status, credit history and insurances, proof of the right to work in certain countries, resumes, qualifications, next of kin, employment history, references and use of Atlas Professionals’ services. 

How the GDPR affects the daily work of our recruiters and hiring teams:

  • We need legitimate interest to process candidate data. GDPR obliges us to collect data only for “specified, explicit and legitimate purposes.” This means, for example, that we can source candidate data as long as we collect job-related information only and we intend to contact sourced candidates within 30 days.
  • We need to have candidate consent to process sensitive data. GDPR requires us to ask for consent when we want to process data like disability information, cultural, genetic or biometric information or information gathered for a survey or a background check. In these cases, we must ask for consent in a clear and intelligible way and provide candidates with clear instructions on how to withdraw their consent should they wish to.
  • We need to be transparent about processing candidate data. We must have clear privacy policies and we are obliged to make those policies available to candidates. We must also disclose where we store candidate data and state that we will use this data for recruitment purposes only.
  • We need to assume responsibility for compliance (accountability). We need to be able to demonstrate compliance with the GDPR. For example, under GDPR, we are responsible for who we do business with. If our contractors fail to comply with the law, we are accountable as well. 

Also, we are obliged to comply when candidates exercise their rights under GDPR: 

  • Candidates have the right to ask us to delete and stop processing their personal data. In that case we must locate every place that we keep their information (e.g. Customer Relationship Management) and delete it within one month after receiving the candidate’s request.
  • Candidates have the right to ask what data of theirs we hold. They can also request that we make corrections to any inaccuracies (rectify). We must grant both requests within one month and provide candidates with a free, electronic copy of their own personal data.

Safety communicating with WhatsApp

When you Opt-In for WhatsApp, we will use the following types of information to reach out to you in case of a suitable vacancy: your name and your telephone number. We ensure that communicating with us via WhatsApp is safe and trusted. Atlas Professionals will only reach out to you via WhatsApp for matters related to your career, preferences, and work.

Opt In: In order to Opt-In for WhatsApp communications, you can confirm this decision by ticking for acceptance during your initial registration process. The following boxes need to be ticked:

  • Our Privacy Policy checkbox (the first checkbox on our registration page),and 
  • The checkbox where WhatsApp is specifically mentioned in (the second checkbox on our registration page).

Please make sure to accept both checkboxes for us to reliably reach out to you through WhatsApp!

Opt Out: If you do not want to be Opted In for communications via WhatsApp, you can easily Opt Out by following one of the options listed below:

  • By not ticking the checkbox for WhatsApp Opt In when you sign up with our system.
  • By sending one of the keyword messages indicating such will like OPT OUT / UNSUBSCRIBE / QUIT in the WhatsApp conversation. Once our chat recognizes the use of such keywords,you will be automatically Opted Out in our system for further WhatsApp communications.

By manually unchecking the Op In selection for WhatsApp message in your profile in MyAtlas Account under the Privacy Settings. Please keep in mind that the decision to Opt-Out is revocable via manually opting back in by checking the WhatsApp message box found under Privacy settings.

General information 

We may also collect general information about you from your access to our websites (for statistical purposes). This general information is usually anonymous, and we do not use it to identify you. However, due to the nature of internet protocols, such information might contain details that identify you, such as your IP address, internet service provider, the web page directing you and your activity on our website. We use the information we gather on the website for the purposes of providing our services, responding to any queries you may have, operating and improving the website, fostering a positive user experience, and delivering the products and services that we offer. 

We collect data from our website using various technologies, including ‘cookies’. A ‘cookie’ is a text file that our website sends to your browser which is stored on your computer as an anonymous tag identifying your computer (but not you) to us. You can set your browser to disable cookies. However, some parts of our website may not function properly (or at all) if cookies are disabled. 

How we collect and hold Personal Data 

We will generally collect Personal Data directly from you if you choose to provide this Personal Data to us by creating a personal profile. We will generally only collect Sensitive Information about you with your written consent and if authorised by law. 

By providing us with Personal and Sensitive Information, you consent to our collection and use of it for the purposes set out in this policy, meaning that we will make certain that all this information is needed or our recruiting (legitimate interest), otherwise we wouldn’t be collecting it. 

‘Sensitive Information’ is a sub-set of Personal Data about an individual’s racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, membership of a political association, religious beliefs or affiliations, philosophical beliefs, membership of a professional or trade association, membership of a trade union, sexual orientation or practices, criminal record, health information, genetic information that is not otherwise health information, biometric information that is to be used for the purpose of automated biometric verification or biometric identification or biometric templates. 

Atlas Professionals takes reasonable steps to hold Personal Data using appropriate physical and/or electronic security technology, settings, and applications (e.g., passwords and firewalls), and by training staff who deal with Personal Data on our policies and procedures. These measures are designed to protect Personal Data from unauthorised access, modification, or disclosure, and from misuse, interference and loss. Notwithstanding this, you should be mindful that the internet is generally not a secure environment. 

Purposes for which Personal Data is collected, held, used and disclosed 

Atlas Professionals will only use Personal Data for the primary purpose for which we collect it, or a secondary purpose related to the primary purpose for which you would reasonably expect us to use the collected information. 

We will not use your information for an unrelated secondary purpose unless we obtain your written consent and an exception applies (e.g. it is authorised by law; or it is impracticable to obtain your consent and we believe it is necessary to lessen a serious threat to the life, health or safety of any individual). 

Some examples of the purposes for which we collect, hold and use Personal Data are to conduct business with or provide services (including providing your details to clients and to prospective employers if you are an applicant for employment or job placement) and otherwise administer clients’ accounts, including responding to audit requests by clients, market or otherwise promote our services, disclose health information to health professionals in a medical emergency, record details of incidents for insurance purposes, contact family if requested or needed, improve our services through audits, surveys etc., obtain professional advice and comply with our obligations under applicable laws. We may disclose Personal Data to third parties, such as professional advisers, courts, tribunals, regulatory authorities, other companies and individuals for the purposes such as complying with our obligations under contract or as required by law, having services performed such as delivering packages, addressing warranty claims, sending correspondence, obtaining searches from public records and processing payments and recovering unpaid debts. 

We may also disclose your information to our business associates, auditors, and financial services, IT or insurance providers, for them to provide or offer services to you. We will not authorise third parties to use your Personal Data for any other purpose. If we disclose your Personal Data to third parties, and where applicable under the applicable country-specific Privacy Act, we will make sure to enter into a processing agreement with such third parties, in order to protect the Personal Data we share with them. 

Atlas Professionals may use Personal Data we collect for direct marketing if you would reasonably expect it to be used for that purpose, or you consent and another exception applies. We provide an easy opt-out procedure for you to request your information not be used for direct marketing. 

Disclosure to overseas recipients 

Atlas Professionals has operations and entities based worldwide and the countries in which we operate may change from time to time and we may have clients seeking to employ candidates or engage our services all over the world. We may share Personal Data within Atlas Professionals on a worldwide basis, such as another office of Atlas Professionals, an external or cloud service provider, or a prospective supplier or host employer. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure adequate mechanisms are in place to protect your information. 

Access to and correction of Personal Data 

You are entitled at any time, upon request and subject to any exception under the applicable country-specific Privacy Act and privacy principles to access your Personal Data held by us. We will respond within a reasonable time after the request is made and give access to the information in the manner requested by you, unless it is impracticable to do so. We will not disclose commercially sensitive information to you. 

If any of the information we have about you is inaccurate, out-of-date, irrelevant, incomplete or misleading, or you request we correct any information, we will take reasonable steps to ensure the information held by us is accurate, up-to-date, complete, relevant and not misleading. If you request, we will notify the correction to recipients to whom we have disclosed the information, unless it is impractical or unlawful. If we refuse your request, we will explain the reasons for refusal and advise on the mechanisms to complain. 

Cookie compliance 

We collect data from our website using various technologies, including ‘cookies’. A ‘cookie’ is a text file that our website sends to your browser which is stored on your computer as an anonymous tag identifying your computer (but not you) to us. You can set your browser to disable cookies. However, some parts of our website may not function properly (or at all) if cookies are disabled. 

To comply with the regulations governing cookies under the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive we must:

  • Receive users’ consent before you use any cookies except strictly necessary cookies.
  • Provide accurate and specific information about the data each cookie tracks and its purpose in plain language before consent is received.
  • Document and store consent received from users. 
  • Allow users to access your service even if they refuse to allow the use of certain cookies.
  • Make it as easy for users to withdraw their consent as it was for them to give their consent in the first place. 

Content from third parties 

Social media cookies are used on Atlas Professionals’ website to integrate social media into the website or to display third-party content. Examples are YouTube for displaying videos or Google maps for requesting the quickest rout to an Atlas Professionals office. Atlas Professionals collects their data for advertising and analytics purposes and makes behavioural analyses of the information Atlas Professionals collects about you. Atlas Professionals does this in order to be able to improve its services, including recruitment and advertising. Atlas Professionals reserves the right to share this data with third-party providers, including social media platforms. 

Data Leak procedure 

Everyone is entitled to respect for and protection of his privacy and careful handling of his or her personal data. This means that companies and governments must protect the personal data they process against loss and unlawful processing. If a data breach takes place regardless, this must be reported to the relevant Data Protection Authority if the data breach leads to a considerable likelihood of serious adverse effects on the protection of personal data, or if the data breach has serious adverse effects on the protection of personal data. The data breach must also be reported to the data subjects if it is likely to adversely affect their privacy. 

This also applies to Atlas Professionals. When deciding whether a notification of a certain incident needs to take place, a number of comparative assessments must be made. This assessment process is laid down in the Protocol Notification Data Leak Atlas Professionals. As soon as you face a data breach or a presumed data breach, this must be reported immediately to the Global Privacy Officer of Atlas Professionals. This can be done by sending an email to


If you wish to complain about the way Atlas handles your personal data, please contact Atlas Professionals’ Global Privacy Officer: 

Global Privacy Officer 
Atlas Professionals 
Wijkermeerstraat 32, 2131 HA Hoofddorp
The Netherlands 

Or send an email to: 

Atlas Professionals reserves its right to amend this policy from time to time and re-publish it on our website. Hoofddorp, the Netherlands November 2022 

* (and also its 50%-owned Australian joint venture entity Atlas Programmed Marine Holdings Pty Ltd ABN 69 620 316 252 and its subsidiaries)