Atlas Professionals continues to be at the forefront of the industry with its dedicated team, access to veteran Professionals and ongoing cooperation with industry leading Clients.

Specialist Recruitment in Seismic Industry

The Seismic industry is in a state of continuous technological development, for example in broadband seismic, OBC & OBN, EM, signal processing and sensor & positioning technology. Atlas Professionals takes great care to ensure that we are always up to date regarding developments in Offshore Geophysical Survey industry and are working with Professionals that have the competitive knowledge and the technical skills to work with advanced equipment in various vessels and work environments.

To ensure we are always at the frontier of the industry, we have access to a diverse and international pool of competent Professionals working in the marine towed streamer 2D, 3D, time lapse 4D, Wide Azimuth 3D, SIMOPS, Close Pass and Undershoots and Ultra High Resolution 2D and 3D surveys. We also specialise in Ocean Bottom Cable (OBC) and Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) multi component 4C Life of Field (LoF) operations. This way, skilled Professionals and industry-leading Clients can know they will be right at home with Atlas Professionals on their side.

Career in Seismic

Thanks to over 40 years of experience under our belt, Atlas Professionals is able to operate as one of the leading international recruitment companies within the Energy, Marine & Renewables industries and the Seismic niche. With dedicated teams located in busy hubs like Australia, US and Brazil - Atlas Professionals ensures assisting business needs of our Clients and Professionals in a reliable and sustainable manner.

With our offices in a diverse range of countries across the globe and established business relations in even more, Atlas Professionals is also able to tap into an international and diverse talent pool and can fill mission critical roles on temporary, contract or permanent basis. Atlas Professionals also emphasizes the personal and professional growth of all Professionals and prioritizes their well-being, career development and regulatory affairs by conducting periodic reviews of their situation. By doing so, we can ensure that our Professionals get the best attention they deserve and have the opportunity to access the best opportunities Seismic industry has to offer.

Specialist Disciplines within Seismic industry

Atlas Professionals has proven track record of introducing below focus disciplines with the correct career path in a reliable manner:

Air Gun Source Mechanic

Chase Vessel Coordinator

Compressor Mechanic


EM Instrument Technician

Field Service Engineer


Navigator & Navigation Data Processor

OBC & OBN Technician 

Our Professionals say the nicest things

Wilson Lin
Lead Technician

Rene Evangelista

Gilson Carao
2nd Engineer

Mathilde Hollegien
P&C Manager