About Atlas Professionals

Atlas Professionals continues to be your reliable partner in career development and personnel solutions in Energy,

Marine & Renewables industries.

Who We Are

Atlas Professionals is an international recruitment company specializing in Energy, Marine & Renewables industries. Operating globally, we strive to create a reliable, agile and sustainable business environment where our Professionals can secure the career they deserve and our Clients having means to access the best talents our industries have to offer.

We do this by offering bespoke solutions – along with comprehensive recruitment planning that covers everything from work visas to payroll, and from compliance to safety inductions. Taking strength from our impressive track record and dedication for excellence, Atlas Professionals continues to be an influential recruitment company that does not shy away from innovating, refining, and progressing – evident by development of our landmark programmes such as the Zero Harm initiative and the Greenhand Programme.

With more than four decades of experience under our belt, Atlas Professionals is dedicated to ensuring that we are always at the frontier of everything related to personnel recruitment and business solutions in Energy, Marine & Renewables industries. 

Our History

Atlas Professionals started in Weesp, the Netherlands back in 1982 under the name of Atlas Transportation Services. Led by expert seafarers with knowledge of the industry and connections to influential Marine organisations within the Netherlands, Atlas Transportation Services was eventually called upon to share some of their expertise by sourcing capable and experienced personnel for various operations, which opened new opportunities for the company now titled Atlas Personnel Services.

From that point forward, Atlas Professionals kept on renovating and exploring new avenues to cover with the company also investing in personnel solutions for Renewable Energy industry during early 2000s. Growing through a series of high profile and local acquisitions throughout the decades, Atlas Professionals is now able to extend recruitment and business solutions for unique and demanding industries like ROV, AUV & Underwater Inspection, Seismic, Dredging and Survey across multiple continents. Today, the success of Atlas Professionals in Energy, Marine & Renewables industries as a reliable business partner is backed by HAL Investments, an international investment company that supports business endeavours of successful initiatives – such as Atlas Professionals. 

Dedication to Compliance

Atlas Professionals takes great care to ensure that those who trust us with their career get the best possible support they can and is constantly keeping tabs on new requirements and developments within our industries. To this end, Atlas Professionals takes great care to ensure we have all the certificates we need to operate in a safe, legal, and responsible way. Certificates also create a foundation for mutual trust between our Professionals, our Clients and us – and demonstrates our willingness to go above and beyond. Atlas Professionals has invested in, and now possesses, some of the most significant and demanding certificates our industries require such as: 

  • ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 Certificates
  • VCU 2011/05 Certificates
  • MLC 2006 Attestations
  • NEN4400-1 Certificates
  • NBBU Certificates
  • Ecovadis Silver Medal
  • Affiliation Certificates (FPAL Achilles, FLAP Verify, Trace, ISN, and similar programmes)

To find out more about how we ensure safety standardization are met as well as our dedication to an Atlas Professionals exclusive safety programme, the Zero Harm initiative, please click here.

We want to become the number 1 choice ​for our clients by being committed to provide ​a safe, reliable, competent and happy workforce

Our Mission and Vision

We want to become the number 1 choice for our Clients by being committed to provide a safe, reliable, competent and happy workforce within the niches we operate at the frontier of Energy, Marine and Renewables. We believe every Professional, Client, vessel and operation deserves the level of attention, dedication and respect Atlas Professionals provides – and we aim to work as hard as we can to introduce our values to all stakeholders.

Atlas Professionals is dedicated to ensuring our future resembles our past – full of innovation, growth, dedication, and excellence. Throughout our history, we always strived to provide what is best for our Clients and Professionals and to introduce sustainable solutions to all of our partners by ensuring we were always there when there was a need. To fulfil our promise of being at the frontier of Energy, Marine & Renewables industries, we never missed an opportunity to diversify our expertise and grow our scale. Thanks to our dedication to adopt the best practices our industries have to offer, we have grown into a state where we can provide skilled Professionals to expert Clients across the oceans thanks to our dedicated staff members and their ever-growing expertise within the industry.

Our values are our common thread

We invest
in people

We conduct business
with integrity

We are open and

We know
our business

We are

We are

We keep
our promises

  • We invest in people. We provide education to our Professionals. We want them to excel at what they do.
  • We conduct business with integrity. We treat each other with respect. We adhere to and follow local laws and regulations. Health and safety, whilst respecting the environment, has our highest priority. 
  • We are open and straightforward. We encourage open communication. We are straight to the point. 
  • We know our business. We are experts. We know our Clients, their businesses, our Professionals and our business. We know and understand the details – which count the most.
  • We are pro-active.  We take initiatives. We communicate with Clients and Professionals as much as possible. We listen and we act.
  • We are responsible. We are ambitious. We take calculated risks and take responsibility for our actions and results. 
  • We keep our promises. We honour our agreements. We do not promise things we cannot deliver.

Work at Atlas Professionals

Atlas Professionals continues to be a top-ranking company to work within the industry with robust career development opportunities, various positions that best fit your background, and offices across multiple countries and cities. As an international recruitment company, Atlas Professionals welcomes applications from all walks of life and is dedicated to having a diverse work environment.

We believe everyone has something unique and exciting skills to bring to our team and are always on the lookout for individuals from different walks of life – there is always room for passionate and skilled colleagues who are ready to continue their career in fast-paced Energy, Marine & Renewables industries while working in an energetic and welcoming work environment. If you think you would be a great fit for the Atlas Professionals family, check out our vacancies and apply for a position that best suits your skills!