Outsourcing & Project Staffing

With its more than 40 years of experience under its belt, Atlas Professionals has access to a long-standing database consisting of thousands of competent Professionals across the globe.

Reliable Outsourcing & Project Staffing Service

Planned, calculated and tailored for your business needs. Atlas Professionals has a proven track record and established infrastructure to be able to offer full Project Staffing Services for multiple disciplines in the Energy, Marine and Renewables industries. We are dedicated to introducing the right Professional into the right role and to provide those who trusted us with their careers a top-notch service – before, during and after their onboarding.

Our services are not limited to just sourcing the correct Professional; our robust, reliable and compliant payroll services allow you to secure long-term talent from a short-term need and streamline the recruitment process by utilising a trial period rather than lengthy recruitment processes. Thanks to our Zero Harm programme, our Professionals have the know-how and experience to go home the way they commenced their tour – without any injuries.

Atlas Professionals goes above & beyond

We are committed to providing the right personnel solution in a timely manner

We know every operation is unique, and therefore require a personalized approach

We are there to ensure your projects can achieve their goals successfully and reliably

Tailored Outsourcing & Project Staffing Services

Atlas Professionals ranks compliance as one of our most important priorities – and we do this by following local and international regulations diligently. Thanks to our dedicated legal, insurance and taxation team, we are able to provide our services aligned with national and international regulatory framework and provide reliable solutions. Additionally, we go above and beyond to ensure your operations can access the best Professionals our Energy, Marine & Renewables industries have to offer by sourcing our Professionals from best academies and backgrounds across the globe.

With offices in a diverse range of countries across the globe and established business relations in even more, Atlas Professionals continues to act as the preferred or sole business partner for the some of the most influential companies in the world when it comes to providing Outsourcing and Project Staffing Solutions.