Dredging & Port Construction

Atlas Professionals is an industry-leading recruitment company for securing skilled Professionals for Dredging & Port Construction projects.

Specialist Recruitment in Dredging & Port Construction

Dredging is about shaping the world down below and creating opportunities – for our Professionals as well as for our Clients. Atlas Professionals understands the complexity of the industry and offers integrated business and personnel solutions for offshore and nearshore Dredging & Port Construction process. Atlas Professionals acts as a preferred business partner for many influential Dredging & Port Construction Clients operating across the globe, allowing our Professionals to expand their portfolio and gather valuable insight regarding how this influential industry works.

Atlas Professionals has access to experienced Professionals who have worked in various Dredging projects including but not limited to land reclamation, coastal defense, deepening of harbors and waterways, trenching and backfilling, and beach nourishment. Our Professionals are also able to tackle any challenge and deliver what needs to be handled thanks to their robust experienced in working with several crucial Dredging & Port Construction equipment such as TSHDs and CSDs. 

Career in Dredging & Port Construction

Atlas Professionals is able to offer recruitment services on an international basis thanks to its dedicated Dredging & Port Construction teams located in busy countries such as the Netherlands and Brazil. With our offices in a diverse range of countries across the globe and established business relations in even more, Atlas Professionals is also able to tap into a diverse and international pool of talented and experienced Professionals to ensure each Professional is introduced to the right career path with our support behind their back before, during or after their onboarding.

Realizing the importance of safe and reliable turnover rates, Atlas Professionals works around the clock to pinpoint how we can offer our Clients and Professionals the best possible solution as timely as possible. With a level of dedication and expertise like this, Atlas Professionals allows competent Professionals to build a successful career in the Dredging & Port Construction industry in a safe and reliable manner – exactly like how the Dredging & Port Construction industry lays the foundation of Offshore and Marine industries!

Specialist Disciplines within Dredging & Port Construction industry

Atlas Professionals has proven track record of securing temporary, long term and permanent positions for these Dredging & Port Construction positions and more:

Engine Room Officers

Electrical Technical Officers

Pipe Operator


Barge Masters & Superintendents

Cutter Engineers & Skippers

Bull, Wheel & Dozer Operators


Crane and Excavator Operators

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