Atlas Technical Assessment Tool

Pinpointing transferable skills to kickstart a career in Renewables industry.

Understanding Competency for Wind Industry

Thanks to our more than 40 years of experience within Recruitment industry, we were able to pinpoint three sets of skills that are useful in various roles within the Renewables industry – Mechanical, Electrical and Hydraulic.

By taking Atlas Technical Assessment test, applicants will be able to see how they rank in all these three categories and for us, it will be a way to correctly assess which positions, roles would better suit the respondent and have an additional set of data available along with their CV. This way, we can ensure that both the prospective Renewables Professional and our Clients looking forward to enhancing their operations can realize their goals in an efficient and sustainable manner.

For detailed information and to explore how the Assessment works, please refer to the video below!

Taking the Assessment

All three modules of the Assessment consist of 20 distinct questions to evaluate the background of the candidate and their knowledge within these areas. The test is conducted in English and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

  1. Be Invited via Email: The applicant will receive an email, confirming them as an attendee.

  2. Sign-Up for the Assessment: The applicant then needs to sign-up via the link provided in the email.

  3. Take the Assessment: Be ready – some questions are real tough nuts to crack! The applicant needs to complete the assessment in one take, so it is not possible log out during the assessment and enter it again. Please be aware that there is a time limit to the entire assessment.

  4. Completing, Submitting and Logging Out: After completing all modules the applicant needs to click on the line on the right top and choose “Logout”. 

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