HEROES: At the Frontier of Energy, Marine & Renewables

Our annual HEROES Magazine taps into the vast experiences and insights of various industry stakeholders - our Professionals, Clients and colleagues. Within the pages of HEROES, you will get a chance to gain valuable perspectives on the challenges and opportunities that shape our collective future.

Out now: HEROES 23/24

HEROES 22/23 - Energy & Marine Edition 

Welcome to HEROES 22/23 - Energy & Marine Edition, where we invite you to explore the insights and experiences of industry heroes who work tirelessly every day to keep the world functioning.

When flipping through the pages of HEROES 22/23 - Energy & Marine Edition, or e-pages if you would prefer to read it online, you will get a chance to explore unique experiences of female Professionals working Offshore, how Offshore industries represent exciting opportunities for seasoned Professionals as well as those who recently transitioned from a different career, how high-tech developments are changing the landscape of our industries and how regions like Americas and APAC are becoming more influential parts of the equation.

HEROES 22/23 - Renewables & Specialties Edition

Our industries are home to numerous niches that require specific experience, education, and certifications to work in - but this never stopped those who are willing to tackle these challenges.

That is why we dedicated HEROES 22/23 - Renewables & Specialties Edition to stories and experiences of such Professionals, Clients and Atlas Professionals colleagues so more can understand what it takes to introduce innovation into our industries. Within its pages, you will get a chance to find out more about the state of the Offshore Wind industry across the globe, explore energy transition projects in influential markets, delve deep into career transition prospects and take a gander at challenges in personnel recruitment amidst shifting landscapes.

HEROES 19/20 - Survey & ROV Edition

Get a chance to explore what our oceans have in store for our Professionals, Clients and colleagues. Aligned with our expertise and focus on the Subsea industry, HEROES 19/20 (Survey & ROV Edition) is the only speciality magazine we published that focuses on a specific niche. Within its pages, you will get a chance to find out more about how demanding the industry is, how varied Subsea careers can be, the level of demand Clients have for experienced Professionals - and more.

We hope you enjoy glancing through exciting stories our heroes got a chance to share.

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HEROES 19/20 - Wind Edition

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HEROES 18/19 - Energy & Marine Edition

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HEROES 18/19 - Wind Edition

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HEROES 17/18

Are you in the market for securing the right talent or opportunity within many niches we operate in?

You are then more than welcome to check out HEROES 17/18, where we get a chance to explore how we get to provide the service we do - on a consistent level. 

HEROES 16/17

HEROES 16/17 focuses on Energy & Marine to demonstrate our global capabilities and how we are able to be at the frontier of Energy, Marine & Renewables all the time.

HEROES 15/16

Our very first HEROES issue allows you explore how Atlas Professionals tackled some of the most pressing recruitment challenges a decade ago - and how they are still relevant today.