Aberdeen Team Try Their Luck with an Offshore Training Exercise

30 October 2023

As part of their teambuilding efforts, our Aberdeen Team went out of their way to ensure they understand what our Professionals go through before they set foot offshore – and needless to say, they were engulfed in a training course they won’t forget!

In the world of the Offshore industry, training and team building are essential components that not only enhance skills but also foster camaraderie among Professionals who work demanding jobs. To ensure each and every Professional can act in accordance with industry standards, every installation requires specific programmes to be completed so everyone can do their part during a scenario where cooperation becomes key.

That is why, on Friday, October 6th, several members of the Atlas Professionals Aberdeen office embarked on an exciting journey to 3t Training Services in Dyce to better understand what exactly goes on within these programmes. The purpose of their visit was twofold - engaging in team building exercises and gaining a firsthand understanding of the training required for offshore jobs. The result? An enjoyable and enlightening experience that left everyone invigorated!

Mark McDonald, Health and Safety Manager at Atlas Professionals, mentioned how the exercise was a great way to bolster team spirit and allow everyone to know ins and outs of the industry a bit more: "When it comes to Offshore industry, it is important to be on the same page, and that goes for recruiters and Professionals too. I think this exercise helped our colleagues understand the challenges our Professionals have to tackle. These team building exercises were also a great way to connect with each other and build stronger connections with our team. It was amazing to see how we all supported each other, even in the face of challenges – as we don’t get to face such challenges back at the office, so this was new!”

Mark believes that this experience will undoubtedly enhance our collaboration back at the office, which will further elevate our commitment to providing quality service to our Professionals who work these challenging environments not for one day, but throughout their professional career.

Atlas Professionals would also like to extend our thanks to Chris Bews, David Newbigging, and the entire team at 3T Training Services. Their commitment to enhancing the skills and knowledge of offshore professionals is commendable – 3t Training Services made this afternoon not only enjoyable but also incredibly informative one!

This is not the only time an Atlas Professionals team strengthened their bonds and bolstered their understanding of the industry by attending an offshore training course, however. To check out what our Marketing team experienced during an FMTC Safety course, check out our past blog post here!

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