Recovery of the Brazilian Oil and Gas Market

26 August 2022

After a few years of crisis in the oil sector, Brazil is recovering. The market is constantly growing and expecting medium and long-term results with more sizable investments in the exploration and production segments. Expectations are that the upcoming years will be brim with opportunities, with the Brazilian market being more open, dynamic and in line with the international market.

The FPSO market experienced a recovery in 2021 and continues to grow in 2022, with new FPSOs coming into operation and new contracts emerging. Within this industry, Atlas has important clients in its portfolio and we believe that our experience can open new doors as other companies specialized in this sector are starting their operations in Brazil.

Drilling is also on the rise as the number of bidding rounds for oil exploration increases in the country. Additionally, there is also the revitalization of mature fields and recent arrivals of new companies in the industry into the country. Meanwhile, we are developing new partnerships and strengthening the current ones within the Brazilian market drilling companies.

Moving on from COVID-19

Even with the Covid-19 pandemic weighed on everything in the last two years, Atlas has considerably expanded its recruitment activities, as well as providing Professionals for our clients, taking advantage of the market recovery. With a growing demand, it was possible to increase revenue - thanks to our team of recruiters who have done an incredible job. Especially because as the market continues to heat up, the competition for qualified Professionals increases considerably and Atlas’ recruitment team is making the best to overcome this scenario with the best results.

We have achieved many promising results in the last few months. We formed partnerships with new clients and reconnected with former clients who contacted us with new enquiries. Additionally, we continue to strengthen our relationships with recurring clients.  As an example, over the course of the last year, two of our clients to which we have been providing outsourced manpower have also contracted Atlas to help out with permanent placements (headhunting), in order to man up their vessels and platforms. 

From Brazil to the World

We believe that all this increase in demand could also mean opportunities for other all Brazil based Professionals, as the demand for Professionals with international experience (to be supplied and managed by other Atlas offices) is expected to increase as well. Many of our Clients also have offices in other countries and find the possibility of providing Professionals with international experience interesting. Thus, when we supply local Brazilian professionals, we can also offer Professionals with international experience, if it is in the client's interest.

Aligned with the increase in demand, we continued to keep up with our quality of services to our clients, allowing us to ensure they keep working with Atlas. We are happy and eager to face any and all types of challenges and opportunities that may lie ahead.

By Carolina Fogel
Commercial Analyst
Atlas Professionals


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