Warsaw Recruitment Event: A Testament to Teamwork and Triumph

30 May 2023

The recent Recruitment Event held in the bustling heart of Warsaw, Poland, exceeded all expectations and set a new benchmark for our team's capabilities! We witnessed a remarkable evolution in our team's skillset and growth in self-confidence, all achieved while gracefully navigating the inherent challenges of organizing such an event.

Located conveniently close to the stunning old town, our event served as an engaging platform for interviewing 80 eager participants. Impressively, two of these individuals have already accepted assignments, and a third is all set to come on board. Notably, this third recruit has agreed to switch from a competing company to join the Atlas Professionals family on their upcoming trip - a clear testament to the appeal of our organization.

Further, a Party Chief who we had the privilege of interviewing at the event will be contributing to the Atlas Professionals community in a significant way. Tasked with hiring Professionals for the vessel he serves for, he has pledged to Atlas Professionals to enlist our services later in the summer when his vessel commences operations.

Our team tackled several challenges head-on, such as operating within a much more constrained timeframe, handling a new booking system that presented a few hiccups, and managing an earlier-than-expected start. Nevertheless, our dedicated event team rallied together, turning these obstacles into steppingstones to success.

The format of the event, featuring live presentations, structured interviews, and a looping video, was a resounding hit. Two new members joined the ranks with seamless integration, Claudio de Luca from Capelle and Shannon Gaiser from Hoofddorp, complete with bringing to the table a set of skills that significantly enhanced our efforts.

These events are not just recruitment drives but also platforms for extraordinary staff development. A case in point would be Chusan Hakvoort from Urk, who joined Atlas Professionals earlier in the year. Her journey from closely examining a seasoned team member, Cees Luneburg from Capelle, to instructing Claudio, an experienced Account Manager, in event protocols and data logging, is inspirational. Furthermore, her proactive approach with Claudio resulted in securing the first and second placements in the subsequent week, demonstrating a remarkable surge in her self-confidence.

We also managed to broaden our recruitment base this time despite the historical dominance of Marine candidates at these events with team members leveraging LinkedIn Recruiter successfully to reach out to prospects from their respective business lines. This strategy led to a noticeable shift from 95% Marine representation to a more diverse ratio of 75%.

With such a successful event behind us, the anticipation for our next Recruitment Event, tentatively scheduled for October, is palpable. We eagerly await the fresh opportunities and growth they will undoubtedly introduce!

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