Broome Indigenous Trainee and Cadet Partnership Program


On the 9th of July 2018 two Aboriginal local Broome residents Shannon and Joshua will journey to Perth to undertake Certificate 3 in Maritime Operations (Integrated Rating) at South Metropolitan TAFE in Fremantle.

Shannon (left) previously worked as a Deckhand on Tuna Fishing Vessels for four years and Joshua (right) graduated from Broome Senior High School/West Kimberley Clontarf Academy in 2017. Both are looking forward to becoming internationally qualified to work on all vessels along the Australian Coast.

Pathway of the Broome Trainee & Cadet Partnership Program

Their pathway consists of three phases:

  1. Completion of Certificate III in Maritime Operations (120 days);
  2. Trainee Integrated Rating seatime offshore (120 days); and
  3. Provisional Integrated Rating seatime (153 days).

Five Tag Books

Whilst offshore Shannon and Joshua will complete a series of five Tag Books and have these signed off by supervisors which cover core items such as:

  • Contribute to routine engine maintenance on a vessel;
  • Operate deck machinery, cargo handling gear and equipment on a vessel;
  • Provide first aid;
  • Perform rigging on board a vessel;
  • Contribute to the operation of engine equipment and associated propulsion plant;
  • Observe personal safety and social responsibility;
  • Operate emergency equipment and apply emergency procedures; Prevent and fight fires on board a vessel;
  • Follow vessel security procedures;
  • Operate survival craft and other lifesaving appliances; and
  • Contribute to monitoring and controlling a safe engine watch.

Mandatory Seatime and Integrated Rating

Upon completion of the mandatory seatime (phase 1 & 2) these five Tag Books are marked by South Metropolitan TAFE and reviewed/approved by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). Should the trainees be deemed competent then AMSA will issue the trainees with a Certificate of Proficiency as Integrated Rating (II/4 & III/4).

This Shell funded program has provided KT Maritime Services Australia and Atlas Professionals the opportunity to collaborate and offer a fantastic opportunity for these individuals to to train and become qualified to pursue a career offshore as Integrated Ratings.


Project overview

  • Client: Shell funded collaboration with KT Maritime Services Australia and Atlas Professionals
  • Project Duration: 9 July 2018 - 1 December 2020
  • Location: Broom, Western Australia
  • Services: Indigenous Trainee and Cadet Partnership Program


If you would like further information about this partnership or have a berth available for Shannon or Joshua to gain experience on a vessel from November 2018 please contact us.