Plastic reduction on the Polarcus Asima

19 December 2019

The Polarcus Asima ran a competition to come up with an idea to recycle some plastic onboard. Lee Marsh, our night Steward, won the challenge.


The contest was to get disposed of RGPS pod enclosures (made of very hard and resistant plastic) and create something functional and for Polarcus operations onboard; and ready to be implemented.


Lee Marsh the winner


Lee’s idea was to re-use these plastic containers as designated boot cover dispenser / disposal units.


Installed in the appropriate areas of the vessel, one unit painted in green would serve as a dispenser for fresh boot covers. A second unit installed side by side and painted in red would serve as a disposal unit for used boot covers.


The idea of the colour choice was to keep with a nautical theme (Port & Starboard) on board whilst also making the installation visually obvious and simple.

In addition, the intention of these units would eliminate lose boot covers possibly entering the environment from external work areas AND mitigate dirt, salt and grease being walked inside.


Well done Lee, great idea!


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