Atlas Secures Three year Contract with Rijkswaterstaat

Atlas Professionals have been selected as the exclusive supplier of nautical temporary personnel in the North Sea area, for part of the fleet of Rijkswaterstaat (part of the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management). The contract will start on 1st December for a period of three years, with an option for prolongation of two years.

Manning the Fleet from Urk office

Atlas will supply nautical crew for all types of vessels such as the coast guard, measuring vessels and oil recovery vessels. The positions vary mainly from Captain, Chief Engineer, Second Engineer, Able Seaman to Watchman. This operation will be manned from Atlas’ office based in Urk. 

This contract perfectly fits our business 

“We are very proud of securing this contract. It fits our core business and we look forward to continue and expand our long lasting relationship with Rijkswaterstaat”, says Evert Jan van Slooten, Business Manager at Atlas Professionals. The contract contains the control area of the Dutch part of the North Sea, and the inland waterways of the Netherlands. Atlas has been a leading provider of maritime crew in the Netherlands for over 30 years.

About Atlas Professionals

Atlas Professionals is an international leading recruitment company. Since 1982, Atlas has played a major role in the provision of professionals to the energy and marine industries worldwide. For more information about working at Rijkswaterstaat, please contact our Urk office: send an email to or call +31 527 20 02 50. You can also register via