Celebrating Atlas Professionals EcoVadis Silver Classification

14 February 2023

As we continue to provide exciting opportunities for our Professionals operating in various niches within the Marine, Energy & Renewables industries, we are also looking for more ways to reduce our environmental impact and become as sustainable as possible to ensure we can keep what we do best – in an even more impressive way!

In order to make it all tangible as well as compliant with global benchmarks, we decided to cooperate with EcoVadis to ensure we can measure our efforts thanks to their extensive Sustainability Assessment feature that allows a company to see their achievements and avenues that could use some improvement.

As a company that has been trusted by more than 100.000 different organisations across various industries, EcoVadis keeps track of most up to date sustainability standards and employs a strict test to understand whether the applicant has failed to reach a certain level or not. Not every organisation can successfully pass the test and achieve an EcoVadis classification, and those that do are ranked within their internal classification system with EcoVadis Platinum being the best possible score an organisation can get and EcoVadis Bronze being the least successful application.

We are delighted to announce that Atlas Professionals secured the EcoVadis Silver ranking!  

Going for Gold

An EcoVadis Silver ranking places us within the top 5% to 25% of entire applicants and is an achievement we deeply value. We are also glad that we are working with Clients and Professionals that share our enthusiasm for the environment and have been receiving numerous messages across various channels regarding this achievement. We would like to thank you for your acknowledgement and want to reiterate our dedication to bolstering a sustainable business environment for all. 

For us, this is just a starting point of a greater journey and is encouraging us to go above and beyond when it comes to relevant policies. In the upcoming months, we will continue focusing on our global carbon footprint, commuting routines, diversity & inclusion policies, energy consumption, HR recognition programs, waste programs and much more to ensure that we can continue being at frontier of social and environmental developments while expanding our ESG efforts globally. 

Atlas Professionals ESG Strategy

Within Atlas Professionals, ESG means using Environmental, Social and Governance factors to evaluate ourselves on our sustainability performance. 

Environmental factors include the level of contribution we make to combat climate change through reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy efficiency, implementing climate adaptations along with efficient waste management. 

Understanding how renewed efforts to combat global warming, cutting emissions and decarbonizing are becoming increasingly more important, Atlas Professionals reiterates our commitment to support these goals thanks to our dedication to delivering the necessary skilled workforce to a wide range Clients operating globally within the Renewables industry. 

Social factors of our ESG policy include observing and implementing provisions related to human rights, labour standards, illegal child labour within our value chain and cooperation on more routine issues such as adherence to workplace health and safety. These are all important factors to Atlas Professionals because we truly “care”.  

It is also our belief that achieving a good social score indicates how well our integration efforts with the local community are going and therefore obtaining a ‘social license’ to operate with consent. 

Governance refers to a set of rules or principles defining rights, responsibilities and expectations between different stakeholders within our company.  Our Code of Conduct, Whistle-blower Policy, Fraud Rules and other company policies ensure that we provide equal opportunities to our people, defining guidance and setting standards regarding expected ambition, behaviour, rules of conduct and performance for our colleagues, Professionals and various partners within our supply chain.

We are actively working to cover more avenues to fully finalize this exciting journey we embarked on and realize our true potential, and we cannot wait to share another blog post detailing how we secured our organization an even more impressive EcoVadis score.

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