Successful Re-entrant Safety training in Stavanger

In October, our Senior QHSE advisor Mark McDonald from the Aberdeen office held a Re-entrant Safety training in Stavanger together with Account Manager Camilla Middelthon and Marketing Communication Assistant Alina Sundalskleiv – both from the Stavanger Office. 

This is the first time Atlas Professionals arranged a Re-entrant workshop in Stavanger, for the professionals that have been out of the industry due to the downturn. Professionals who participated in the event had different work experience both onshore and offshore. This was a perfect opportunity for us to get to know our people better and their experiences working with Atlas Professionals. 

We were honored to have Industri Energi attended the event and present their role as a Norwegian union during ups – and downturns in the market. 

Professionals who participated in the event were given training and information of the following topics; 

  • Atlas Professionals - Who we are and what we do 
  • Zero Harm 
  • Risk management tools 
  • Major accident events – Understanding MAE 
  • Prevention of Hand and finger injuries 
  • Prevention of Dropped objects 
  • Helicopter safety (latest from Norwegian sector or step change in safety) 
  • The importance of Safety reps 

Each professional had a one to one talk with our Account Manager Camilla, to answer any questions regarding their CV’s and advise on adjustments (if necessary) professionals can make on their CV to help them gain employment. 

“We are happy to see the professionals show such interest in our company and we are eager to be a part of the market picking up and going forward”, says Camilla Middelthon. 

Mark McDonald: “We at Atlas Professionals feel that re-entrant safety workshops are of great benefit in assisting professionals back into the oil and gas industry, and at the same time giving them necessary information and training to work in a safe manner once they arrive at their place of work”.

We are hoping to arrange a re-entrant/information day in Norway again, as we received positive feedback from our professionals and Industri Energi.