Life aboard Scaldis’ Heavy Lift Vessel Rambiz

Vlissingen, 5 October 2015 - On a very sunny day in Vlissingen Atlas met with Lennart van der Meulen aboard the Rambiz. The heavy lift vessel is currently moored in preparation for a new project; major maintenance has been carried out on the vessel’s two cranes. “We’re getting ready for a project in the North Sea”, explains Lennart. “Should weather permit, we will start with decommission and removal works on an abandoned gas production platform”.

“The fact is that you either really like working offshore or you absolutely hate it. I do my work with lots of love and never get bored”. After completing his Maritime Officer’s degree at the Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz in 2004, Lennart went on to sail on several merchant vessels, from chemical tankers to container vessels. He also gained experience in the offshore dredging and the installation of wind turbine foundations.

On the Rambiz he focuses on his daily routine, “Every day I learn more about the Rambiz. What I like about my job is the diversity. I sail, manoeuvre, anchor, operate cranes, and carry out on board maintenance and occasionally I get to assist the engineers in maintaining the technical installation. After all, being a Chief Officer is a very responsible position”.

A phenomenon in itself

“Rambiz is a phenomenon in itself” continues Lennart, “it actually consists of three pontoons, two identical crane pontoons, the Ram and the Bizon. One pontoon, the Buffel, is transversely positioned below where the bridge is located. The pontoons have been in operation since 1970, but the vessel in its current form has been in operation since 1999. In terms of size, the Rambiz is 85 metres long and 44 metres wide. The lifting capacity is 3,300 tons. During a job the vessel is held in position by four anchors like a spider in the web. Vessel owner Scaldis, has its origins in salvaging. The company is an effective organisation with a clear vision for the future.” The vessel can facilitate 75 POB. Lennart explains that the Rambiz always has had a diverse crew, not only in culture but also in terms of freelance and contractors. “The atmosphere on boards is good. We work incredibly hard, but there is certainly room for some fun”.

Do your best!

“Why do I like working for Atlas Professionals? From the moment I started working for this agency it felt very trustworthy and I know that they would support me 100%. We maintain a professional relationship in which everything is negotiable. I can highly recommend working in the offshore industry. It is important to know that the offshore world works differently than you might be used to. You’ll have to work hard and you should produce excellent results, do not let a single disappointing experience daunt you. It is a world of possibilities and if you do your best, then it will not go unnoticed. Besides, a good tip is to use your network. Maintain professional contact with people you like to work with, there is always a chance that they can do something for you in the future. In the offshore industry, all different types of jobs exist – nautical as well as technical. Make sure you make the most of your job from the beginning. My future in the offshore world is promising thanks to Atlas Professionals, Scaldis and of course my team aboard the Rambiz”.