iPad award onboard Umuroa

The first Quarters iPad award on board the FPSO Umuroa was awarded to Hemi Goldsmith, whom has worked as an Atlas professionals employee on and off over many years.

Hemi was chosen for this award whilst he was on board as a contractor. He observed a small leak coming from a PCV valve on the methanol injection pump on board whilst undertaking routine checks, and immediately informed the CCR operator by radio whom sent a production operator to investigate. The leak was identified and methanol was stopped. Correct procedures were followed to isolate, remove and replace the valve.

Great teamwork was shown by all involved. Our sincere congratulations and thanks go out to Hemi for his dedication to safety on board.

Well done and keep it up!!

About the iPad Award

The FPSO Umuroa is manned from all Head of Department positions down by Atlas Professionals employees. We have worked with our client BW Offshore since 2007 on this facility. As it is so heavily manned by Atlas Professionals employees, we introduced many years ago a safety award system.

There is an observation card system on board (very similar to the one we run ashore, and do a monthly $50 safety award for), whereby employees can raise safety observation, hazard obsevations, positive actions etc. Generally we receive 1-10 observation per day. Each month a winner for the given month is chosen on board, and every 3 months Dave Bishop then picks a winner from preceding 3 months to award the iPad to (if deserving).

The iPad award is solely funded by Atlas Professionals, and promotes our dedication to the safety of everyone on board. Due to the excellent nature of this observation we awarded it Hemi, even though he was employed by a 3rd party contractor at the time.