Dynamic Positioning Upskilling Scheme: hear from Michael Doherty one of the 10 selected candidates

Junior DPO Michael Doherty is one of the 10 successful candidates who were selected for the DP Upskilling Scheme early this year.

With support from DOF Australia providing a berth, he was mobilised to the Skandi Darwin on 27 February where he gained his required active DP days to go towards his Dynamic Positioning Offshore Unlimited Certification.

The Skandi Darwin, built in 2012, is a Dynamic Positioning (DP) class 2 multipurpose vessel equipped with a wide range of features. DOF was awarded a five-year contract to provide supply, inspection, maintenance and repair services to Prelude – Shell’s Floating Liquefied Natural Gas facility located 475km North East of Broome.

“I would like to thank all those involved (Atlas Professionals, DOF and Sponsor) who assisted me in finishing my DP unlimited ticket. I was sent to the Skandi Darwin in late February to complete my time. The vessel was engaged in Platform Supply to the Prelude FLNG.”

“It was great to have the opportunity to get up close to the largest vessel in the world. Skandi Darwin is a DP2 vessel with enhanced follow target mode, a feature that is not all that common on DP vessels, and this added to my learning experience. Lastly, I would like to thank the crew for their hospitality and giving their time to assist me in achieving my goals.”