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Atlas Professionals has two joint-ventures in the maritime industry: Mariteam Personnel Services and Programmed Marine.

Mariteam Personnel Services

Mariteam Personnel Service seconds technical professionals to companies in the maritime sector, with an emphasis on companies active in the dredging and shipping industries. Professionals supplied by Mariteam are carefully selected and highly qualified: their certifications are up-to-date and they know what's expected of them. With its industry-leading personnel management skills and generous remuneration schemes, Mariteam Personnel Services is able to deliver enthusiastic and highly-motivated employees. If clients wish to hire employees initially supplied on a temporary basis, this can always be discussed. If clients have vacancies but lack the time to fill them, Mariteam can take over all or part of the recruitment process –from advertising, to pre-selection, replying to applications, etc. The extensive database of candidates has long been a proven and valuable source of well-qualified candidates for our clients.

Mariteam Personnel Services is 50% owned by Atlas Professionals. More information is available on Mariteam's website.