The two Brazilian offices

This month Atlas Professionals do Brasil celebrates its 9th anniversary. The first office was opened in 2005 in Macaé, at the heart of the Brazilian Oil & Gas industry. Recently, a commercial support office in Rio de Janeiro was added to the conglomerate. The offices recruit, select and hire qualified Brazilian professionals, both Drilling & Well Services personnel next to Marine crew, to work on local platforms and vessels. Additionally, the offices provide white-collar onshore personnel to companies in the Brazilian Oil & Gas industry. Through Atlas’ overseas offices, expat personnel is sourced to work in Brazil, for which the Brazilian offices provide local support, including the application and processing for Brazilian work permits.


Avenida Rui Barbosa, 2000 – Salas 304, 306, 307 e 308
27.915-012, Alto dos Cajueiros – Macaé/RJ Brazil
Phone: +55-22-3737-0237

Rio de Janeiro

Av. Rio Branco, 156 - sala 627
20040-901  Rio de Janeiro/Brazil
Phone: +55-22-3737-0237