Prosafe select Atlas Professionals to provide Marine Personnel Outsourcing Services to global fleet

International recruitment and manpower management company Atlas Professionals is selected to provide Marine Personnel Outsourcing Services to Prosafe across their global fleet of floating accommodation vessels. The selection is being shortly followed up by the commencement of manning services to the Safe Concordia, which will commence in January 2020 for a 120-day project offshore of Brazil.

Following a recent tender process, Atlas was successfully awarded the scope of outsourced manning partner and will commence the expanded scope of work in coming months. Having supported Prosafe with manpower provision and management for many years, the increased coverage of scope within this award provides an opportunity to demonstrate the experience and expertise that Atlas holds in the floating accommodation sub-sector. 

Marcel Burghouwt, CEO of Atlas says: “This contract award is an important step in a history of successful operations between Prosafe and Atlas. Having supported them for several years across the majority of the Prosafe fleet, Atlas can leverage our experience of supporting such similar works in both the North Sea, Brazil and any future locations in order to achieve a flexible and quality manpower solution. In what still remains a challenging market, we believe synergies achieved through the most effective partner relationships will enable Prosafe to continue to operate as one of the leading vessel operators.”

Atlas Professionals Team Leader Jennifer Roy says: “In what has personally been 14 years of support for the Prosafe vessels, within Atlas we are relishing the opportunity to continue to deliver a quality service to all projects alongside Prosafe. Collaborating with our local teams in each region, we are looking forward to supporting the crew onboard the Concordia early in January and across the remainder of the Prosafe fleet.”

Duncan Palmer, People & Organisation Director of Prosafe says: “Engaging Atlas to provide a fully outsourced crew management function will enable us to retain competence, to ensure safe and efficient operations and maximise flexibility in our operating costs during a period where demand remains lower than expected and with significant periods of time between contracts. We hope to continue to build on our long relationship with Atlas and look forward to their continued support when the market recovers and we again see an increase in operational activity.”