The new way of working starts now! Atlas Corporate Solutions

We like to do things differently at Atlas, we are always looking to develop new ways of helping our clients. Recruitment is never easy, everything needs to be done now! With the industry in a downturn this makes the process even more difficult. With the need to reduce costs and uphold compliancy the industry is working against the clock to find the right person for the right job.

Atlas’ Business and Online department teams came up with a solution that focuses on solving the issues of compliancy, sourcing qualified professionals and reducing client’s costs. Officially launched last year, Atlas Corporate Solutions is an online portal that allows clients to view all of their crewing management data in one place as Project Manager for Atlas Corprate Solutions Robin Van Woerden explains.

“We decided to develop a solution that would solve these issues and would continue to give the client full control of their crewing management data all in one location. Through on-going discussions with our clients our team used the No. 1 CRM system, SalesForce, to develop the online portal, which would solve these issues and smooth out the recruitment process. We wanted to extend our partnership with our clients that’s why the online portal can be tailor made to the client’s specific requirements.

To start the implementation process, we will visit our clients and discuss what they need, their recruitment issues and what they would like to improve within their own processes. We have found, particularly over the last year, that there have been reoccurring issues in planning, compliancy and sourcing pre-qualified personnel that is why the portal was made with this in mind. Then, our online development team will build the portal to the client’s specification.”

The three main features of Atlas Corporate Solutions all have their unique purpose in ensuring a smoother recruitment process for our clients.


“The planning feature allows users to have a detailed overview of each professional aboard their project,” explains Robin.” Users have access to the portal 24/7 so they are able to edit the planning if any changes occur throughout the project. Since implementing the portal with our clients this has definitely improved our communication.”

Pre-qualified pool

“One of the bigger issues our clients were facing was to quickly source highly-qualified personnel that were readily available. The Pre-qualified pool on Atlas Corporate Solutions solves this as the candidates have already been shortlisted for the programme and this saves time and money, particularly when the pressure is on. This will also result in a higher-quality of personnel at a lower cost.”

Atlas Compliancy

“All data of our client’s professionals is accessible 24/7 via a portal. Making sure that you have all the necessary certificates, information, insights and work history. The system can also alert clients on expired certificates by sending red flag notifications making them aware of this fact.”

Client Satisfaction

Atlas Corporate Solutions was first implemented in Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch ministry for Infrastructure and the Environment). Atlas and Rijkswaterstaat have a number of offshore Marine projects that are happening simultaneously across the Netherlands. Overseeing multiple projects on Atlas Corporate Solutions was a great for RWS’s crewing management which resulted in a successful implementation.

“We didn’t just create Atlas Corporate Solutions to solve our client’s issues; we want to work throughout our client’s organisations, not just with their recruiters. We believe that this is how business should be done, use a simple system that can be created to cater to the needs of clients, solve their issues and strengthen the collaboration between our clients.

We hope that new and existing clients will want to learn more about Atlas Corporate Solutions and see how the portal can improve their recruitment process.”

Atlas will be showcasing Atlas Corporate Solutions at this year’s Subsea Expo in Aberdeen. If you would like to learn more about the portal come visit us at the exhibition, or feel free to contact Atlas Corporate Solutions Project Manager Robin Van Woerden.