International Crew Change Update | Atlas Professionals

Providing a safe, reliable, competent and happy workforce is always a top priority for Atlas globally – even more so these current times. In the light of the recent developments with regards to the avoidance of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to share the below message with all our staff, Professionals, clients and other stakeholders.

Limited travel possibilities

With coronavirus infection numbers rising across Europe and the world, we experience among others increased travel and health restrictions. Flight possibilities, as well as the number of operating ports, airports and heliports, have decreased substantially across the world. This means that currently, when we manage to book air travel, our professionals can be halted in some locations, due to the health quarantine requirements.

The restrictive measures imposed by the several countries – although imperative – make it almost impossible for us to effect scheduled international crew changes onboard of our client vessels and projects in a growing number of locations. After consulting several clients, we will advise our clients that we are not in the position to perform all the scheduled required international crew changes as of Monday, 16 March 2020. Where possible, we will attend to emergency replacements and as far as the prevailing restrictions allow us to do so.

Potential crew change impact

On a case-by-case basis and in close coordination, we are continuously evaluating with our clients our efforts to serve the needs of both our Professionals and Clients given the difficult situation we are all in. In many cases, this means our professionals are requested to stay onboard for an additional period. For the present time, we are working in close alignment with our clients in order to assess the most appropriate plan during this challenging period. Communication will be made directly, should it be necessary to revise the timing and durations of crew changes.

Of course, we realize this is not what we all want. However, for all parties involved this seems to us the most adequate way forward considering the circumstances. We sincerely count on the support and understanding of all our Professionals and their families as well as our clients during these difficult times. We will resume full crew changes the moment the circumstances improve, and the national and international measures taken for the spread avoidance of COVID-19 are removed. We are constantly monitoring this in close collaboration and coordination with both our clients and professionals.

Close contact

All crew members onboard are kindly requested to keep in close contact to the office persons in charge. Professionals at home are advised to stay in touch with their Account Managers and/or Personnel Coordinators regularly. As our offices currently do not accept any external visitors unless specifically agreed upon, contact should take place strictly via phone, email and any other electronical means.

Should any of our Professionals or their families be in any need, they must contact our local Account Managers and/or Personnel Coordinators by phone accordingly. We shall make all efforts possible to solve any problems that may arise.

We would like to re-assure all our stakeholders that we remain committed to upholding the highest standards and all our staff members do their utmost to solve any problems that arise. We are confident that with the full support, understanding and joint efforts of all parties involved, we will overcome these difficult times.

Thank you all for your commitment and support, stay safe!


On behalf of Atlas Professionals and the Board of Directors

Marcel Burghouwt, CEO

Peter Wit, COO