Atlas Professionals launches a new worldwide website

Today, we launch our new worldwide website. One of the most visible and accessible elements of our organisation is our web presence. Therefore, as part of the repositioning, the Atlas website has been completely redesigned. At all our twelve fields of expertise are united to give a complete overview of our worldwide services.

Working at the cutting edge of specialist recruitment & HR services in the energy and marine industries, Atlas unveils a new, forward-looking brand identity that goes beyond recruitment. Atlas’ new look and feel are captured in a redesigned corporate website, which provides access to Atlas’ twelve areas of expertise. As a considerable part of the online visitors are professionals who work in the offshore industry, accessibility and usability are key. The new, responsive design enables user access to the website via smart phones and tablets at all times. The intuitive design of Atlas’ website guarantees a high level of usability. The new and improved job section offers a gateway to the broadest network of top international companies – with a realtime and complete overview of all current jobs in the energy and marine industries.

The new brand

The brand Atlas Professionals represents all 2,200 professionals who work with Atlas around the globe every day. Atlas started over 30 years ago as a small family business with a vision to deliver the best services possible. This continuing commitment and passion for the industry and its professionals has resulted in the highly respected, comprehensive employment network Atlas has today. “The ambition to push forward and embrace the challenges of the future, typifies Atlas Professionals. As with the energy & marine industry, our drive to develop and improve also knows no bounds,” states Atlas Managing Director, Marcel Burghouwt. “Everything we do – from career guidance and educational programs to logistics and legal services – is individually managed to meet the exacting demands of our clients and our professionals. Our 21 offices around the world are there to serve¬ the industry that always looks towards to the next frontier – and for the professional with the talent and determination to get there,” concludes Burghouwt.

Atlas Professionals. At the frontier of Energy & Marine.