Atlas Professionals enters into an exclusive partnership with The Windtechnicians

On 18 May 2018, Atlas Professionals and The Windtechnicians signed a 5 year cooperation agreement for the exchange of technical personnel for the wind sector. 


The collaboration will focus on The Windtechnicians provision of technicans to support requirements and tenders from Atlas Professionals to the Dutch and European market. There are other wind related roles that will also be part of the agreement, for example: Riggers, Welders, Site Assistant, Warehouse employees and Document Controllers.  

The Windtechnicians

The Windtechnicians was founded a year ago by a consortium of local employment agencies, with the aim of training people to become offshore windmill mechanics. This can be done by means of a two-week trajectory in which that person is awarded their GWO training and BTT (technical training), or thorough a sustainable trajectory in which a person is guided from job to job by attending training courses in the evening to become a wind technician. Assessments are part of this trajectory, so that a success rate of 99% is guaranteed. 

Ernst-Dick Meyjes, Account Manager at the Windtechnicians: "The collaboration with Atlas Professionals is a nice addition to our service; the training of offshore windmill mechanics. In this way we can make use of Atlas Professionals large network and years of experience in the global wind industry."

Joost Pellis, Global Business Development Manager at Atlas Professionals: "Atlas opened an office in Vlissingen at the beginning of this year, which enables close developments in the wind industry of Zeeland. The large local network and pool of trained windmill mechanics from The Windtechnicians, in combination with the experience and capacity of Atlas offers us even more opportunities to respond to the increasing demand for professionals in wind. This allows us to continue to provide the best specialists for our partners, even during scarcity. "

Wind sector in the Netherlands

The wind sector is growing exponentially in the near future  and certainly within the province of Zeeland, which has direct consequences on the labour market. Currently there are about 4000 people working in the wind sector in the Netherlands. In the period up to 2023, employment is expected to grow to more than 12,000.