Atlas office in Capelle is a Marlins Approved English Test Centre

Atlas Professionals’ Capelle aan den IJssel office in the Netherlands, has been awarded the status of a Marlins Approved Test Centre in accordance with minimum standards agreed by the United Kingdom Maritime and Coastguard Agency.  

Clear communication

With the increasing regulations throughout the maritime industry, Marlins English testing has become a vital part of the employment process for international maritime crew. As mixed nationality crewing increases and with the STCW 2010 Manila Amendments, the need for English language skills is critical to safety and clear communication on board a vessel. 

Marlins English testing

Marlins English language testing is designed to assess ability in communicating. With endorsements from the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA), ISF, oil majors and maritime employers worldwide. Companies integrate Marlins test into their global recruitment and training programmes to ensure a standardised approach to language competency assessment. 

Only one in the Netherlands

In addition to Atlas Professionals Odessa and Riga offices, our Capelle aan de IJssel office has now also been approved as a Marlins Test Centre. The only commercially run test centre in The Netherlands that is able to test an individual’s competency on their English language ability in line with the rigorous standards of Marlins.  

“For Atlas Professionals it is very important that the professionals who we provide are competent in the work that they do. This also means they can communicate in good English. We are proud of being the only commercial Marlins test centre in the Netherlands. We provide these tests for our own professionals, as well as any other maritime professional or ship owners who require their crew to have a Marlins English certificate”, says Hanspeter Holierhoek, Sr. Account Manager at the Capelle office.

STCW testing

As a Marlins Approved Test Centre, Atlas is able to offer UK MCA approved English Language testing and UK MCA approved STCW testing. The full range of tests available include:

• English Language Test for Seafarers
• English Language Test for Cruise Ship Staff
• English Language Test for Offshore Workers
• STCW Security Awareness
• STCW Security Duties
• STCW Crisis Management, Human Behaviour
• STCW Crowd Management

Book your test

Ship owners and maritime professionals are more than welcome to contact us for enquiries, information and bookings of the Marlins English language testing and STCW testing.

Hanspeter Holierhoek, Sr. Account Manager
Schouten Toren (9A)
Rivium Quadrant 81
2909 LC Capelle aan den IJssel
Tel: +31 10 266 94 55