100th Greenhand Roustabout Placement for Atlas Professionals in Aberdeen

The placement of professional Lewis Metcalfe on Noble Drilling’s Hans Deul marks the 100th Greenhand Roustabout placement for Atlas Professionals in Aberdeen since the start of the Greenhand Programme in August 2018. The professional’s placement is the proof of success for the company’s training programme, which was specially designed to meet the North Sea drilling industry’s need for an inflow of competence assured Greenhand Roustabouts.  

Greenhand Training Days

As part of the Greenhand Programme, free Greenhand Training Days have been taking place at Atlas’ office in Aberdeen since August 2018. The Training Days are designed to inform those interested in working offshore about the do’s and don’ts in the industry, elaborate training requirements and put a special focus on safety standards.
Attendees are required to complete a skills assessment aptitude test and are interviewed by Atlas Professionals’ recruiters to further check their mindset and skill level. After attendance, selected candidates are given access to exclusive discounted training rates with training providers.
Lewis Metcalfe had some relevant experience, with transferable skills gained during his time in the British Army and stated: “After nine years in the British Army I was looking forward to start a career in Oil & Gas. At the end of 2018, I spent a very good day at Atlas Professionals attending the Greenhand Roustabout Training Day. I booked my offshore training courses shortly after.” 

First offshore trip 

“Thanks to Atlas Professionals, I’ve now had a very enjoyable first trip offshore on the Noble Hans Deul. Met some great people and learnt a lot. I’m grateful to have got my first bit of experience as a Roustabout and hope that more trips will follow,” Metcalfe adds. 

Alex Palla, Team Leader for the UK Drilling Team at Atlas Professionals, comments: “There are so many people that have been trying to get offshore for years and haven’t managed yet. We really wanted to be pro-active and invest in them.”

“We have helped these Professionals by giving advice on how we felt they could maximise their potential and get a start offshore along with provide information on various aspects of offshore life and assisted with training requirements. The fact we have now made our 100th placement in a relatively short space of time proves that our training programme really gives the opportunity to start offshore careers and make a difference to many people’s lives,” Palla concludes.

For more information about Atlas Professionals’ Greenhand Programme, please click here.