The Future Looks Bright: Key Takeaways from the Solar Energy Expo 2023

30 January 2023

Atlas Professionals continues to be at the frontier of everything related to the Energy & Renewables industries, ensuring that our Professionals can secure the best possible opportunities that our Clients have to offer. This is especially true for Renewables due to the rapidly changing face of the energy industry, from the current challenges posed by demand & supply to the global desire for boosting output from Renewable energy sources. 

The continual advancement in technology, introduction of remote working possibilities for traditionally offshore roles, and the aforementioned shift in the focus of the energy industry is a challenge that requires enhanced cooperation with our Clients. We need to understand their changing needs to allow us to proactively adapt and continue to supply tailored business solutions. We appreciate how new requirements and developments are rapidly being introduced to the various sectors of our industry and that we need to be prepared to adapt and develop accordingly. 

That is why Atlas Professionals attended the Solar Expo 2023. As an event that receives significant attention from local and international players who are very well versed within the Solar industry, whether as Clients or technology providers, the expo allowed Atlas Professionals to stay up to date with the fast-changing world of Solar Energy.

3 Key Takeaways from the Solar Energy Expo 2023

From the future of solar, to the increasing demand for workforce from the industry, here are some of the key takeaways from the event:

1. Rapid Growth of the Global Solar Industry

 A reality that always needs highlighting is that Solar energy is a significant part of the expanding initiative to move towards renewable energy and is an industry that is predicted to show substantial growth in the coming years. For example, Rystad Energy, an independent research, and business intelligence company, suggests a scenario where Solar Energy will exceed Wind in the Global primary energy mix in the coming decades, and will be an even more prevalent source of energy if we are to meet the 1.5-degree limit to global warming (as reaffirmed at COP27).

To ensure that we are at the forefront of such impressive developments, Atlas Professionals’ attendance at the Solar Expo allowed us to assess how our expertise can be employed within the industry. It is an area that is in no way alien to us as we have already achieved great success through Joost Pellis, Strategic Manager Renewables, who recently secured positions for a number of our Professionals within the Solar industry. With the new leads and information gathered at this event, we are confident of more success in the (very) near future. 

2. Prominence of Transferable Skills

We are not looking to change our business model, but we can move into new markets, by utilizing our Professionals’ skillsets that already exist. This will ensure that we can offer career development and diversity to of our pool of Professionals and stay ahead of the game! The result is that Atlas Professionals will remain future-proof, and pro-active for those that trust their career with us. Within the Solar market, for instance, the roles of HV (High Voltage) and FO (Fiber Optic) technicians cross over from various other Renewables industries, as do the roles of cable engineers and installers.

Arenas of operation such as infrastructure, installation, support and maintenance within the various new or novel renewables have common facets within the current energy industry that we excel in. This will allow us to take advantage of our knowledge and apply it in these new (or established) energy sectors, whether that is in the Nuclear, Hydrogen, Geothermal, Hydro, Biomass or Wave and Tidal markets or in Solar specifically.

3. Energy for Development

The solar industry is experiencing a great deal of interest from emerging markets and developing economies. It presents itself as a unique and sustainable way to gain energy independence through a steady and reliable source of energy. As a company with a global footprint, Atlas Professionals with its regional expertise and support, has the knowledge and personnel to conduct such international ventures.  We can take full advantage of our global network to ensure that our Professionals are on the front line of energy opportunities wherever they occur in the world.

The future will be diverse with new and prominent technologies, and Atlas Professionals will remain at the forefront of the Energy, Marine & Renewables industries. The future is, indeed, bright!

Paul Hampton,

Business Development Manager

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