15 December 2022

Atlas Professionals had a busy and exciting 12 months and it is time to look back at 2022 to remember some of the key moments that will ensure 2023 will be an even more exciting year!

2022 has been a difficult year for us as merely weeks after we celebrated New Years across our various offices, we were shocked by the horrible news coming from Ukraine. As the hostile actions of Russia reached the point of no return, Ukrainian heroes answered the call, stood their ground, and succeed in halting the aggressor in their tracks. Considering these ongoing events, we would once again like to thank our colleagues from our Odesa office for their continued courage and dedication even in the face of such difficulties and extended our gratitude to our colleagues from Latvia for offering invaluable support, their hospitality and agility.

We all continue to hope for a victorious Ukraine where peace, prosperity and safety, once again, reigns.  

As for Atlas Professionals global – it has been a year where we strived to introduce continuous innovation while maintaining our dedication to excellence to ensure those who trust us, our Professionals and our Clients, can access the service they deserve. From high profile acquisitions that will allow us to connect with more industry stakeholders in predominantly Asia Pacific to developing new and exciting ways to connect with our stakeholders, here are some of the most prominent events that took place during 2022!

1. Kickstarting Technical Greenhand Programme and Introduction of Bespoke Programmes

In 2022, Atlas Professionals and leading Drilling, Engineering and technology company KCA Deutag have joined forces to invite UK based jobseekers of all ages and experience levels to participate in a bespoke recruitment initiative for the first time in Greenhand Programme’s history.  

All Atlas Professionals Greenhand Programmes are designed to bring fresh talent to the energy industry as having sustainable and eager Professionals with transferable skills constitute an important solution to our industry’s ever-increasing demand for skilled individuals.

Atlas Professionals is committed to providing such personalized initiatives for more Clients in the future to ensure demands of our industries are met and more Professionals can secure a career in Energy, Marine & Renewables.

2. Going Carbon Neutral

Our offices based in Perth and New Plymouth are the first service provider in the energy and marine industry in Australia and New Zealand to become carbon neutral!

From reducing the amount of beef on their sites’ catering menus to choosing to fly primarily on newer, cleaner aircraft, the West Perth business has spent the past 18 months working to achieve certification in both countries. By achieving innovative and novel feats such as this, Atlas Professionals continues to be a force of change within the industries and countries we operate in.

3. Acquisition of NextWave

In 2022, Atlas Professionals welcomed NextWave Partners into the greater Atlas family!

As part of the global energy transition process, NextWave specializes in human capital solutions for companies operating in Energy Transition industries. The acquisition of NextWave’s services and offices in Singapore (HQ), New York, London, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan and Korea enable Atlas Professionals to expand our global footprint and use local expertise to support more Clients and Professionals in the energy transition worldwide

4. Two HEROES Magazines!

Atlas Professionals launched two issues of its annual HEROES Magazine – one focusing on Renewables industry and the other discussing developments in Energy & Marine. The HEROES Magazine allows us to connect with influential Clients, seasoned Professionals, and our colleagues from situated in our offices across the globe such as Riga, Americas and Singapore, making it an excellent tool to assess what has been going on in our industries and what is to while exploring insight from various industry stakeholders.

You can check both issues out at the end of this article!

5. New Website!

You asked and we delivered! 2022 witnessed several Atlas Professionals teams aspiring to bring new features and design elements to our modern website and after months of work and testing, the new website is now online! The final product allows a more robust job search engine as well as the ability to subscribe for specific job alerts, saving jobs to apply later and more – all wrapped up in a modern and approachable design.

We hope that our new website allows us to connect the right Professional with the right job in an even more reliable, fast and compliant manner.

6. Attending Numerous Exhibitions Across the Globe

Across the globe, our teams either attended or organized several Energy, Marine & Renewables conferences, exhibitions and workshops that allowed us to connect with our Clients and Professionals either on a personal or professional level. These include, but are not limited to, IPF 2022 of USA, Oceanology International 2022, Offshore Energy Expo 2022, Atlas Professionals very first recruitment event in Poland, Renewables Roadshow of NL and OffshoreWind4Kids events all across the globe!

7. Being at the Frontier, As Always!

Of course, we kept on providing exceptional HR and career solutions to our Clients and Professionals across the globe in order to be at the frontier of Energy, Marine & Renewables! Throughout 2022, Atlas Professionals secured more than 5000 positions for our Professionals for multiple roles for more than 240 Clients operating in different disciplines. We also had more than 55.000 Professionals signing up to be part of the greater Atlas family and sourced jobs for our Professionals across more than 90 countries!

Overall, we had an exciting and robust year and we are glad that we were able to be at the frontier of our industries once again. We hope to deliver the same level of quality and innovation across 2023 and are looking forward to connecting more of our Clients with the right Professional for the job!

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