Investment through Competency: Madeleen van der Wal Lead Crewing Coordinator from Bluestream

Investment through Competency: Madeleen van der Wal Lead Crewing Coordinator from Bluestream

18 February 2016

Recently, the importance of competency management schemes within offshore recruitment became apparent; with a greater need to certify recruitment agents as internal verifiers and ensure that a safer workforce was being provided to the industry, it was clear that the industry was beginning to adapt to the $30 oil price.  

General Consensus

This change was also noticed at this year’s Subsea Expo in Aberdeen where a number of industry leaders expressed their views on the importance of competency in the current climate. As a major player in the offshore and subsea market, Bluestream is one of the key clients of Atlas’ ROV, Diving & Inspection business line. With operations in the oil & gas and renewable energy sector, Bluestream prioritise their investments in the development of their personnel and subcontractors. Atlas spoke with Bluestream’s Lead Crewing Coordinator, Madeleen van der Wal about this issue in the current market.

“It is crucial for subcontractors to gain their competency certifications. For subcontractors who wish to work for Bluestream we require them to comply with IMCA rules, guidelines and assessments as Bluestream is an IMCA certified company. It’s of great importance that they can provide evidence, data and witness statements to support their certification and competencies.”

Like many of the industry’s leaders, personnel are adapting to the new circumstances, “As the demand for personnel has grown we have seen lots of personnel without the relevant competencies try to enter the industry. Within the current market situation entering the industry will become more difficult. Qualified competent contractors and permanent staff are preferred to keep up with the high level of service at Bluestream.”

Competency Development

Similar to the Atlas Competency Scheme, Bluestream has adopted the IMCA Guidelines for Competence Assurance and Assessment. The purpose of this system is to ensure that the people with the right competencies and skills are selected for the offshore teams to deliver quality and a high standard to clients’ operations. “Competency is the most important area to invest in during the current market, and I think that more companies should focus more on competencies.”

On the final day of Subsea Expo, the event hosted a student day to allow the next generation of the offshore industry to network with industry leaders. Although the market currently looks bleak for ROV trainees, there are opportunities for trainees to break into the industry, “If somebody wants to work as a trainee in the ROV sector we require them to gain knowledge by following the ROV introduction modules. If you want to join the industry as a trainee you need to show that you are willing to learn and that you are willing to invest in your own future.”

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