A niche specialist with cutting-edge knowledge

Our mission

We want to become the number 1 choice for our clients by being committed to provide a safe, reliable, competent and happy workforce within the niches we operate at the frontier of energy & marine.

Our values

  1. We know our business

    We are experts. We know our clients, their businesses, our professionals and our businesses. We know and understand the details, which count most.

  2. We conduct business with integrity
    We treat each other with respect. We adhere to and follow local laws and regulations. Health and safety, whilst respecting the environment, has our highest priority. 
  3. We are pro-active
    We take initiatives. We communicate with clients and candidates as much as possible. We listen and we act.
  4. We keep our promises
    We honor our agreements. We do not promise things we cannot deliver. 
  5. We are responsible
    We are ambitious. We take calculated risks and take responsibility for our actions and results. 
  6. We are open and straightforward
    We encourage open communication. We are straight to the point. We listen to each other and are not afraid to give our opinion.
  7. We invest in people
    We educate our professionals. We want to excel and stimulate them to improve their skills.