Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I'm looking for personnel:

  • In what markets is Atlas Professionals active?
    Atlas Professionals is a niche specialist, operating with dedicated teams in various niche areas. An overview of the markets we are active in can be found under For Professionals > Industries.

  • Does Atlas Professionals also do full crewing?
    Yes, we certainly do. Please see our Outsourcing and Project Planning services to learn about the possibilities or send your enquiry to

I'm looking for a career in Energy, Marine & Renewables:

  • How can I sign up with Atlas Professionals?
    Create your free MyAtlas Account by signing up with Atlas Professionals. In order to make your registration successful you need a valid email address, a password, and some basic contact information.

  • I can't seem to sign up, because my email address is already in use?
    This means there already is an active account created with this email address in the past. If you have access to the inbox of this email address you can change your password using the Forgot Password functionality.

  • I can't remember my password?
    We cannot see your password as it is protected, you can however start the Forgot Password procedure and choose a new password after email verification.

  • Why do I have to upload my CV? 
    Your CV is a valuable document for our recruiters as it contains a lot of information about your skills, certifications and professional experience. Your CV will be reviewed by our recruiters to see whether you have the necessary qualifications to become an Atlas Professional.

  • I can't upload a CV from my device?
    On some tablets or mobile devices, it’s impossible to browse for a CV document to upload. That’s why it’s not mandatory in the registration process. The next time you’re sitting behind a desktop computer or laptop, you can easily sign in to your account and upload your CV to your profile.

  • What is the best format for my CV?
    We only accept CVs created in Microsoft Word, Acrobat PDF, or Microsoft Excel. To make sure your CV will be indexed in our database, please don’t insert fancy HTML features into your CV document.

  • What can I do with a MyAtlas Account?
    When you have created your MyAtlas Account you’re profile and CV are available for our recruiters worldwide. With your login details, you have 24/7 access to your own profile and you can update it whenever you like. Also, you can apply to our vacancies on our website using the same login details.

  • Why am I asked to update my profile if you already have my information?
    An up-to-date profile is vital in order to find you your next position. Via the login, you can access your own profile and update it accordingly. The more information we have in our database, such as certificates and work experience, the better we can match your profile to the right jobs.

  • How can I delete my MyAtlas Account?
    If you would like to unsubscribe for emails only, you can use the link in the footer of those emails to unsubscribe from our mailing list. If you really want to have your MyAtlas Account removed from our database, please login to your MyAtlas Account and update your privacy settings accordingly.

My Privacy

  • What is GDPR?
    From 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation will impose greater data protection obligations on organizations, whilst giving more rights to individuals in relation to how their personal data is processed.

  • Who does the GDPR affect?
    The GDPR applies to organisations located within the EU and to organisations located outside of the EU that processes data of EU citizens. We at Atlas have taken a global approach to ensure sure compliance throughout our entire organisation.

  • How does Atlas Professionals makes sure that our clients also ensure privacy with the personal data they are provided with?
    We may disclose Personal Information to third parties, such as professional advisers, courts, tribunals, regulatory authorities, other companies, and individuals for the purposes such as complying with our obligations under the contract or as required by law, having services performed such as delivering packages, addressing warranty claims, sending correspondence, obtaining searches from public records and processing payments and recovering unpaid debts.

    We will not authorise third parties to use your Personal Information for any other purpose. If we disclose your Personal Information to third parties, and where applicable under the applicable country-specific Privacy Act, we will make sure to enter into a processing agreement with such third parties, in order to protect the Personal Information we share with them. 

  • How can I see what data Atlas Professional holds on me?
    Throughout your MyAtlas Account, you are able to access, view, and amend your personal data ( You received your login details when you first signed up with Atlas Professionals. If you can’t remember your password, please use the forgot password functionality on our website.

  • Does Atlas Professionals have a data leak procedure?
    Yes, Atlas has a Data Leak Procedure in place. Please refer to for our protocol.

  • Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns concerning a Data Leak?
    If you detect or suspect a data breach, this must be reported immediately to the Privacy Officer of Atlas Professionals. This can be done by sending an email to

  • Who can I contact if I want to be “forgotten”?
    You can choose to be ‘forgotten’. This means we will not contact you for any reason. There is a distinction between ‘to be forgotten permanently’ and ‘to be forgotten temporarily'. Please login to your MyAtlas Account and update your privacy settings accordingly.

    If you choose to be forgotten permanently, we will make sure not to contact you. We will only use your personal data if we have a legal reason for doing so (like f.e. for tax purposes). If you choose to be forgotten temporarily, we will contact you 2 years after you have “deactivated” your account. You then have the opportunity to re-activate your account.