Updated HSE handbook to help keep professionals safe

Atlas Professionals has updated its HSE Handbook to strengthen its commitment to Zero Harm. Issue 19 of the handbooks are available in English, Russian, Dutch and Portuguese and accessible to professionals via My Atlas and replaces all previous versions. The updated HSE Handbook is applicable to all personnel engaged by Atlas, whether permanent or temporary employee, contractor, or consultant.  

Through its QHSE management systems, Atlas Professionals ensure that the workforce are fully trained and competent to carry out all duties as required by its clients, by matching training, experience and competency to the requirements of clients on an individual level. “A safe, healthy, sustainable and happy work environment can only be achieved through a system that clearly defines responsibilities. We treat health and safety as an integral part of our company culture,” says Boris Kasteel, CEO at Atlas Professionals. 

Atlas Professionals employees work in extremely diverse areas. Atlas Professionals aim to provide industry specific instructions which should be considered as complementary to those laid down by our clients, and regulatory bodies. Project specific client instructions shall always take precedence over the general instructions contained within the HSE Handbook of Atlas Professionals. Atlas’ teams work hard to ensure that professionals are well briefed before joining any project on its behalf.

My Life Saving Rules

Boris Kasteel highlights the importance of adopting health and safety in the workplace as part of the company’s culture: “Health and safety are critical aspects that enable business and operations to continue. With the updated handbook and new My Life Saving Rules poster, we can stimulate an environment that is conducive for learning and better promotes awareness for occupational health and safety in the company.”

The handbook includes safety guidance on a wide range of topics including worksite behaviour, waste management, working at heights, and fatigue management. It also includes a set of 10 Life Saving Rules to help keep professionals safe: 

  1. I will always use fall prevention techniques where there is a risk of falling.
  2. I will always know and understand what I need to do in the event of an emergency.
  3. I know my vehicle is safe to drive and I will drive defensively.
  4. I know what can go wrong on every job and have done what I need to do to stop it happening.
  5. Before starting work I will ensure all energy sources have been isolated and de-energised.
  6. I will always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment for the task.
  7. I will not put myself in the line of fire
  8. I will only enter a confined space when all controls are in place and verified.
  9. I will aim to reduce my environmental footprint by reducing, reusing and recycling wherever possible.
  10. I will STOP any task that I feel is unsafe to start or continue.

Should you have any queries on any of the information contained within the Atlas HSE Handbook, or client specific HSE instructions, please contact your account manager in the first instance.