Sending you a message of hope and resilience

It is that time of the year when many of us start reflecting and winding down. In a year that has brought us changes and challenges, I have seen commitment and courage demonstrated at every turn. For Atlas Professionals, 2021 was about showing undeterred fortitude, and we succeeded.  

We have continued on our path, following our values and strategy and we have succeeded in meeting our company targets. I’m grateful to both our staff and professionals and have been deeply inspired by their willingness to adapt to changes. It is because of this sheer determination that we have managed to stay the number one choice for our clients by being committed to provide a safe, reliable, competent and happy workforce. We have served 74 countries and have had 567,006 hours of man-days globally.  

As we move into a new year, we wish to continue remaining proactive and be a reliable choice for both our professionals and clients. 2022 brings to us our 40th year of being at the frontier of energy, marine and renewables. As Atlas Professionals continue to flourish safety, integrity and knowing our business remain at the heart of this company. In 2022, we are once again committed to continually improving our operational excellence and efficiency.  

We are grateful to have a community of competent and hardworking people. These are uncertain times, and soon we will be looking at these days as a memory – what we will remember is how we stood together, supporting each other as one, showing kindness and treating each other with respect.  

This pandemic has made us come together to rally our greatest strength, the human spirit. Through all of this, we at Atlas Professionals want to re-emphasize that we will continue striving together to fulfil our mission while keeping the safety of our staff and professionals at the core of everything we do.

Here’s wishing everyone Happy Holidays.  

My warmest regards,  

Boris Kasteel


Atlas Professionals