Next step in Competence Management

Competence Management and Competence Assurance is increasingly important from a safety, commercial and legal point of view. Atlas Professionals has been addressing this already for several years and recently it took the next step in competence management; the next release of the Atlas Competence Programme (ACP). 

The Atlas Competence Programme assures that professionals are competent within their function/field of expertise through a recognised Competence Programme.

What has changed? 

The new and improved version of the Atlas Competence Programme (ACP) enables a more automated solution without losing the important personal aspect of competence management. The benefits become most clear in the communications to our professionals and in the way we can present the profiles of our professionals to our clients. 

Crucially, the Programme is fully integrated into the Atlas Quality Management System and is audited and certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015.


The ACP can cater for all industry functions Atlas serves.  Where applicable (Marine, ROV and Survey), it is in line with the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) freelance framework guidelines. As such, the ACP is in line with the roll out of IMCA’s new cost-effective and measurably way to assess and verify the competence of professionals in the Survey industry.  

Atlas fully supports and actively promotes IMCA’s active Competence Management drive and is proud to be a member of its Competence & Training Committee. 

ACP roll out

At the moment, our competence assurance drive is focused on Survey and ROV. Expansion to the Marine and Seismic industry will materialise in the next few months. But Atlas wants to have this programme in all of its core business lines, which differentiates the ACP system from others out there. “We believe that no other competitor has the breadth of our programme and that we are a frontrunner amongst the industry’s recruitment agencies, adding value for our clients”, says Jean Paul de Jong, Commercial Director at Atlas Professionals.

If you would like more information about the Atlas Competence Programme then please contact Dingena Peddie-Theunisse, Competence Manager at Atlas Professionals at