New Milestone in Atlas Competence Programme Reached

Atlas Professionals is committed to provide a safe, reliable, competent and happy workforce, while working to meet clients’ needs globally. It is with this mission in mind that Atlas Professionals has developed the Atlas Competence Programme (ACP), an easily accessible, digital and fully Quality Management System (QMS) integrated Competence Management Programme. Today, Atlas is proud to announce the release of the online Competence Development Assessment (CDA) tool within ACP, providing further tailored solutions for professionals and clients while supporting our continuous drive to a competent and safe work environment.

New: Online Competence Development Assessment

Until now, Atlas’ focus has been on further assuring the competence levels of its professionals by means of online self-assessments and interviews within the ACP. The release of the online, automated CDA part allows to compile evidence on every specific competence and ability expected for a certain function within professionals’ own profiles. “This makes the ACP a great tool to gain an even better understanding and further assure the set competences our professionals have in an easy to use and accessible way,” says Dingena Peddie-Theunisse, Organisational Development Manager at Atlas Professionals. 

She explains this is a true milestone as it enables Atlas to further provide tailored solutions for professionals and clients while creating a more competent and safer work environment. “For our clients, this really gives a detailed, broad overview of the professionals’ competence level. Clients can see exactly what the professionals have done in their career, which is important and vital when building teams,” Dingena says. Besides further assessing function competence, the CDA solution provides professionals with clear development paths, should they like to progress to the next level within their discipline or to another function. 

Automated and online tool

“Performing continuous assessments is challenging enough in itself and Atlas has always felt responsible to create the most user-friendly solution. Therefore, our main priority during the development has been the incorporation of the tool within the professionals’ My Atlas account, which provides a clear overview of their competence profiles. With this tool, both the professional and the (technical) assessor are taken on an assessment journey whilst we ensure every step in the process is clear,” Dingena adds.

The Competence Development process provides professionals with the tools to organise and carry out an assessment of their competences and abilities per Function and Grade. Said competences and abilities are – where applicable – documented in IMCA guidelines and outlined by experts in the industry. The process starts with appointing the Assessor, who then together with the professional agrees on the assessment method and the assessment plan. At the end of the assessment, the assessor needs to be satisfied that a candidate has demonstrated his/her competence on the job.

Once all the competences and abilities are positively assessed, Atlas’ internal verifier will further verify the process. Crucially, the ACP is fully integrated into the Atlas Quality Management System and is audited and certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015. It does also meet all the requirements described in the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) freelance framework guidelines where applicable. 

Who can join?

Currently, the ACP is in place for most ROV, Survey and Marine roles. Professionals who are already self-assessed competence assured qualify for the CDA. “We are proud to have further developed the ACP tool to a more automated, online, easy to navigate tool whilst including Competence Development Assessment to further evidence the competences of our professionals and look forward to continue the journey together with our clients and professionals,” Dingena concludes. 

If you are interested to participate in ACP or have any questions, please contact the Competence Team on