Message from Atlas Professionals CEO

Any preview for 2021 should probably start with mentioning COVID-19. We know this uninvited guest will overstay into 2021, continuing to affect not only the industries we all operate in but also our personal lives. 

Despite the global pandemic, Atlas Professionals has remained positive in 2020. Our teams across the globe have continued to work hard to remain a reliable partner for both Professionals and companies involved in the Energy, Marine and Renewables industries. Even though circumstances made this difficult at times, we believe we have succeeded in being that reliable partner. 

Today, Atlas Professionals is looking forward again. A healthy company, ready to face the challenges that 2021 will bring. There are the short-term challenges like travel restrictions, COVID-19 and Brexit implications. This is about managing the rapidly evolving changes, adapting to the legislation as it is made and endeavoring to remain reliable to all stakeholders regardless the difficulties. But there are also long-term challenges, which we are fortunate to take on from a position of strength. As such, tackling them brings excitement and, may it be said, fun. 

It starts with a vision for the future. Atlas Professionals: a first choice for Professionals and companies looking for Professionals; connecting people at the heart of the global energy, marine and renewables industries. Being part of the energy transition, finding solutions, providing a safe, competent, reliable and happy workforce. Atlas Professionals know the business, are open and straightforward, pro-active, responsible and invest in people. Atlas Professionals conduct business with integrity and keep their promises.

In 2021, we will strive to further improve in operational excellence. This will mean working on solutions for ease of order for customers and ease of interface with Professionals. Understanding the cost drivers and improving efficiency by lowering the need for administration using new, to be developed, software. 

Atlas Professionals is a company of the future, through the dedication of our employees, who every day go the extra mile to make a positive difference for our customers and our Professionals. Living up to our values, which we look to as our North Star, and striving to make our vision an ongoing reality.

Let us make 2021 a successful year, together.


With warm regards,

Boris Kasteel

CEO Atlas Professionals