Jack Up Barge Vessel Manager Ferry Sanders about his cooperation with Atlas

At this year’s Offshore Energy exhibition, Atlas Professionals spoke with Vessel Manager of Jack-Up Barge (JUB), Ferry Sanders. As one of our key clients for Atlas’ Platforms & Jack Ups team, JUB is a leading provider of self-elevating platforms worldwide. Ferry discusses his experience with Atlas.

“I joined JUB two years ago and that’s how long I have been working with Atlas for. I am responsible for all the jack up units at JUB. As we hire a large percentage of our crew through different agencies the quality and consistency is very important to us. Over the past two years this high quality has become apparent when working with Atlas Professionals. At JUB we believe in working with an equal partnership with our agencies and doing business on the same level. With Atlas we have built a trust and they have become a frequent visitor of our units in the Netherlands. We encourage all our of agencies and clients to visit us as much as possible to learn more about the different barges and how each one can cater to the different markets."

“I work alongside Business Manager Robin van Woerden and Account Manager Désirée van der Sluis; they’re both great. I like that I don’t have to interfere with the recruitment process as I trust them to select the right people."

This year, the theme of Offshore Energy was entering a new era, Ferry explains how JUB will face 2017, “In our market we are quite lucky as we are technically a rental company with a low overhead and we are positioned in various markets like Offshore Renewables, Oil & Gas, Decommissioning and Civil Construction. Next to that we are also privately owned,” says Ferry.

“For years the industry has dealt with economic downturns and there is a view that Renewables will take over the industry. However, like downturns before this, Oil & Gas will always be there and the industry is now more mature to deal with situations such as this. I believe that Renewables and Oil & Gas will coexist with one another and both will remain major players in their field.”