How is it working as a recruiter at Atlas?

Find out in this chat, where Esli Juliana, personnel coordinator with the Renewables team in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, shares what his job entails. 
Ever wondered what it is like to be a recruiter? What does a day look like at work?  Esli, who has been with Atlas for over a year now offers a preview of why he loves his job and how being a people’s person makes it more fun. 

What do you love about working for Atlas? 

As a recruiter, you can be a part of many industries – finance, construction etc but few companies are working in the renewables or green energy sector. It is a niche market, and this makes my job at Atlas challenging. At the same time, I love that I can make a difference. There are opportunities to grow within the company. We have offices all over the globe and I love that the most - I’m expanding my network every single day.  

What does a day in your life as a renewables recruiter look like? 

If you love interacting with people, you will love this job. A chunk of my day is spent in finding the right people from our wide talent pool. Some days are easier than the others, matching the right candidate, interviewing them, running background checks, ensuring all their certifications are in place and presenting them to a client. 

We also have daily meetings within our team and with the clients on a weekly basis. The job also involves finding candidates on job boards, and LinkedIn and spreading the word out to find the right people. Basically, it involves talking a lot about the renewables to others and listening to them - you must be a patient listener and have an eye for detail. 

What is the most challenging aspect of your job? 

Like every job, being a recruiter has its fair share of challenges. We are constantly looking for the right candidates and at times it is difficult to find skilled personnel as there is a shortage in the market. We try to overcome this as a team. 

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job? 

I guess I love playing the matchmaker. When I help someone find their dream job and see them excel in it – it makes me happy. When the client gives good feedback that is also very motivating. I help many people start a new chapter of their lives and, that's a very satisfying feeling to go home with. 

What is the work culture like at Atlas? 

I must say we are very open and straightforward. In our team meetings, we are always speaking our minds and learning from each other. We talk about our hardships and about our working styles. That really helps in building a good team because you get to know people at a personal level. We have people in our team supporting opposing local football teams and, it’s always fun to discuss the match later at work and poke fun at those who lost. I like how we tackle challenges as a team, and everyone is really encouraging of each other’s wins and are supportive. 

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