Empower yourself with Stop Work Authority

Follow the steps to work SAFER and be responsible  

Sometimes the most important thing you can do at your job is to stop working. Yes! May sound strange at first, but numbers by Health and Safety (HSE), UK, reveal that stopping work at the sight of potentially unsafe and risky work moments can save plenty of lives in the long run. 

What is Stop Work Authority (SWA)  

Stop Work Authority (SWA) is a set of rules designed to provide employees and contract workers with the responsibility and obligation to stop any work when a perceived unsafe condition or behavior may result in an unwanted event.  

How do we deal with it at Atlas Professionals?  

We believe in it and own it. Our professionals are empowered and trained to intervene on an unsafe act or omission of rules and challenge those who break safety rules. We regularly conduct safety conversations with our professionals and are in tune with our client’s and partner’s safety policies. Together, we encourage our professionals to Stop Work authority if required and ensure them that they would face no consequences if the situation demanded they act.  

How can you start working SAFER?  

If you see an unsafe act being conducted and see a risk of a safety hazard, here is how you can act SAFER  

Stop work 

Assess the situation 

File a report 

Eliminate the hazard 

Resume when both parties are ready and prepared to do so 

The SAFER technique will help keep employees and professionals safe while improving work efficiency at the same time. So, when you spot an hazard, stay STOP!