Dynamic Positioning Upskilling Programme: Tom Bromhead on Maersk Minder

On 27 July 2019, with support from Maersk Supply Service, Junior DPO Tom Bromhead was mobilised to Maersk Minder as part of the  DP Upskilling sponsorship programme for Deck Officers in Australia to obtain their Unlimited DP qualification.

Maersk Minder is a DP2 deep water Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessel (AHTS) of SALT design and currently supporting the rig Development Driller 1 contracted to Chevron. Maersk Minder’s scope of work is Anchor Handling, Supply and WROV Operations.

Captain Drew Paskin on Maersk Minder says, “Tom is working well within the bridge team and showing interest in his work. He has proved reliable and competent. He has a proactive attitude towards DP Operations and learning the different modes on the vessel”.

Tom has commented on his time on the vessel, “This has been an excellent opportunity to achieve DP Unlimited certification and gain a thorough understanding of the theory and operation of DP systems. I wish to express my appreciation to the organisers of the program and to the captains and crew for their assistance with my training.”

As of 27 Aug 2019, Tom has gained 24 Active DP Days on Maersk Minder. He requires 23 days more before being able to gain his Unlimited DP certificate.