Congratulations to our East Timorese crew for high-quality catering services

The project mobilised on 15 March with 42 local East Timorese delivering catering services.

Our Catering and Drilling team recently visited the Maersk Deliverer in Timor-Leste to meet our East Timorese crew and client on board.

It was a great opportunity to see our new professionals on the front line, delivering quality catering services to the facility.

Our project in Timor-Leste has involved a high degree of planning to ensure our team on board were job ready and in a good position to deliver our services.

It is certainly fantastic to have received positive feedback on our team’s efforts and to enjoy first hand the wonderful cuisine being prepared, along with first rate janitorial and laundry services.

We are proud of our achievements in Timor-Leste and congratulate team members both on the facility and in Dili for a job well done.

After three months of activity the last crew change on the Maersk Deliverer took place on 18 June 2019.The rig will next sail to Labuan in Malaysia and is expected to come to Australia in Q1 2020. Atlas Professionals is working hard to secure work on the rig when it is in Australian waters.