Catering service for Edda Accommodation

From the end of 2018 to late February 2019, Edda Accommodation awarded Atlas Professionals the contract to provide Catering and Janitorial services for one of their Accommodation Service Vessels. 

Catering crew

Atlas Professional provided a dedicated team, including several onshore support functions and onboard delivery of dedicated personnel as: Chief Steward, Cooks , Stewards and a night Receptionist. The scope of work included deep cleaning at the commencement and conclusion of project, preparation of meals, general housekeeping and laundry for the accommodation facilities. Project services agreement anticipated a number of 550 clients/contractors. 

The project provided various challenges in terms of a very short mobilization window, including pre-mobilisation and time from actual mobilisation to client arrivals. Service related challenges were solved by cooperation and quick decision making and response to changes of pre-planned activities to meet end client expectations. 

Atlas Professionals contribution in project reparations, and a adaptive mindset throughout the project was vital to the successful end result of this project. Their team, both onshore and on the vessel, are dedicated, hardworking, hands on and worked well in partnership with Edda Accommodation to achieve a positive project outcome”, says Stian S. Waage, COO of Edda Accommodation.