Atlas visits Victoria for all things renewables

Ian Marshall and Lara Taylor from Australia recently had the opportunity to travel to Melbourne to immerse themselves in all things offshore wind. 

The offshore wind industry in Australia continues to build in momentum as plans for the development of offshore wind farms on the East and West coast of Australia are starting to really kick off.

There were several highlights to the trip, the first being Lara’s opportunity to visit the Gippsland region with Katrina Langdon from Star of the South. This is set to be Australia’s first offshore wind farm with plans to be up and running in the next few years. They discussed training requirements with local education institutions and learned about current industries in the region and the skill sets emerging.

Lara also got to visit Energy Australia’s Yallourn Power Station with Star of the South. They got a tour of the power station and the opportunity to meet some of the employees. They also learned more about the history of the station and its role in the Gippsland region.

Other great events in Melbourne were attending the Informa Offshore Wind Conference. At the conference, the Federal Government announced that it would be assessing the Gippsland coast as a priority for offshore wind developments taking place. After the conference Atlas also had the opportunity to hold its quarterly Renewables Round Table in partnership with Subsea Energy Australia. The Round Table was held at Star of the South’s office in the Melbourne CBD with 80+ attendees who mostly dialed in via Teams.

Overall, this was a highly informative and beneficial trip, and we are excited to be part of the growing renewables industry in Australia.