Gemini Wind Project Provides New Job Opportunities for Atlas Professionals’ Personnel

Something exciting is happening 85km off the coast of the Netherlands. What will be a milestone development for European renewable energy targets cranks up a gear in the coming months and will see some of the best known names in the Offshore Wind Sector working together on the next phase of the Gemini Windfarm project. 

Generating Renewable Energy for the Netherlands

Gemini will generate enough energy for approximately 785,000 households across the Netherlands, without producing the 1.25 million tons of CO2 per year that a non-renewable source would generate.

To date, large numbers of personnel have already been employed indirectly in the development of Gemini and with construction now starting; as many as 500 people are expected to work on the project over the next 3 years, many of whom will be supplied by Atlas Professionals.

Cable-lay for Gemini

TAGU, one of Germany’s leading harbour construction and offshore installation companies, is using the cable lay barge the Vetag-8 to carry out the cable transportation and installation in the shallow water areas, before laying, loading and installing four 8km cables near the Dutch and German border. 

Atlas Professionals will be working closely with TAGU and other companies, supplying key personnel such as Barge Masters, Tension operators, Riggers  and Shift Superintendents to ensure a successful project.

Gemini will also have two export cables which will transport a 220 KV alternating current to Eemshaven seaport in the north of the Netherlands. Both cables will have an aluminium core, over 100 km long, and will connect to a transformer station where the voltage will be increased to 380 KV. The electricity will then be transported via a cable to Oudeschip, where a linkup will be made to the TenneT national power grid.

Being a part of Gemini

Business Line Manager Laura Smith explains how important this project is for Atlas. “Being a Dutch company, obviously we’re delighted to be involved with a Dutch project. We have provided personnel with a wide range of skill sets for a variety of positions to multiple clients. We have worked with TAGU on a variety of projects in recent years,  which has allowed us to develop an understanding of how they work and in turn, provide long term employment opportunities for highly skilled professionals. We are delighted to have been asked to support TAGU with their cable lay activities on such an innovative project in the Dutch sector of the North Sea.”

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Image courtesy of Gemini