Atlas supplies core team personnel at Den Helder Marine base

At the beginning of 2021, the Dutch Royal Navy in Den Helder sealed the collaboration with recruitment company Atlas Professionals (Atlas) to supply ‘kernploeg’ (core team) personnel to the Dutch Royal Navy for the next seven years. The ratification follows shortly after the outsourcing of the central shore surveillance, for which an agreement has been concluded with Atlas at the end of 2020.

Support Transport Department

Funds have been released from the defence budget to meet NATO standards, resulting in new investments in all parts of the armed forces and the improvement of the maintenance level of existing equipment. Investments that entail extra work, also in the transport department that includes the core team employees that Atlas supplies.

Core team members are employees who are responsible for transport on, in and around naval vessels. They are engaged in the transport of ship and machine parts such as ship installations and weapon technical systems from and to ships and naval buildings. In addition, the riggers of the core team carry out shifting activities, such as lifting and docking and undocking ships. They also supervise and give instructions regarding the safety rules, the implementation of the precautions and the use of the protective equipment.

Seven-year agreement

The Transport department has signed a seven-year agreement with Atlas for the delivery of three profiles: Helmsman-Engineer Small Vessels (SWK), Skipper Machinist Limited Work Area (SMBW) and Rigger (TCVT). This for approximately 16,000 hours per year at the Den Helder Marine Base. The Atlas office in Urk will take care of this contract because of the experience with project implementation and the maritime nature of the contract.

“Atlas is very pleased with this agreement because of the maritime nature of this contract, which fits in well with Atlas Urk's core business, placing professionals in the maritime sector,” says Evert Jan van Slooten, Business Manager Atlas Professionals. “The duration of the contract also offers great opportunities to take the collaboration to a higher level. Not only to meet the need for personnel, but also to ensure that quality is guaranteed and where possible is increased,” adds Evert Jan.


As account manager Margriet Hoefnagel is responsible for the execution of the contract and the recruitment process. Are you a Dutch national and interested in one of the core team positions?

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